Why does my cat drop her toys in the toilet? Reasons and what to do

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Cats exhibit a multitude of behaviors that seem strange or unusual to us humans. One of these habits is dropping their toys in the water. Sometimes it’s the water bowl, but some cats choose to drop their toys in the toilet, among other things. This is such a strange behavior, especially since many cats seem to hate water. Why would cats do this weird thing?

No one knows for sure why cats drop their toys in the water, but some people think it has to do with your cat’s innate prey drive. Here are some of the reasons why your cat might be dropping her toys down the toilet and other bodies of water in your home.

Predatory instincts

Cats are apex predators, even when confined to your home. They have strong predatory instincts that drive many of their behaviors, including their play behaviors. When cats throw their toys into water, they may be trying to get the prey scent out of them, which which makes it more difficult to detect by other predators. They may also try to hide their “prey” by nesting it in a bowl, and sometimes that bowl is the bowl of your open toilet.

Love for you

Cats are wonderful animals that show great appreciation and affection for their people. One of the ways some cats show their love for their people is by bringing them gifts. Although these gifts are sometimes dead insects and mice, they can also “gift” their toys to their people.

Aside from affection, cats also bring prey, including their toys, to their people because they think their people are bad hunters. If you don’t bring dead animals or toys to your cat, she may worry that you won’t be able to hunt and provide for yourself. To help you become a better hunter, your cat can bring you its toys. Sometimes they drop their toys in front of you in strange places, including toilets, sinks, water bowls, and even glasses.

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How to avoid this behavior

You may not be able to completely dissuade your cat from dropping her toys in the water, but you can at least prevent her from dropping her toys in the toilet. For obvious reasons, you don’t want to have to take cat toys out of the toilet, and you don’t want to your cat plays with toys which have been soaked in toilet water. Integrate all members of the house by keeping the toilets or bathroom doors closed when no one is in the room to monitor things.

In conclusion

No one really knows why cats drop their toys in the water, but it probably has to do with their strong hunting instinct. Some cats, however, may choose the toilet as the place to deposit their toys, which is a behavior you want to deter. Keep your cat out of the bathroom as much as possible and replace toys who spent time soaking in toilets.

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