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Mom Poppy and kittensI read somewhere that September represents endings and new beginnings, which makes sense. Summer ends, fall begins, vacation ends and the school year begins. Speaking of new beginnings, there are currently two young breastfeeding mothers in my program, for a total of nine gems. Once the kittens are weaned, we will have 11 new beginnings to celebrate.

In addition Poppy Mom and its five poppy seeds, there are Mom Hanna and his pretty quartet. Plus, I just sent gorgeous mom Chelsea Gray and her five kids to their forever home.

I love kittens, but damn, I have such mixed feelings. I wish September meant the end of kitten season. But of course, that’s not the case. In fact, I’m currently awaiting the arrival of Mama Wilma who delivered seven (!) babies at Animal League America not too long ago.

Unfortunately, the world doesn’t need more kittens and puppies. Every time I run out of space in my schedule, my heart breaks. My colleagues at North Shore Animal League America are doing many important things to combat the pet overpopulation crisis, including saving dogs and puppies from the horrors of life in puppy mills. Because September 16 is Puppy Mill Awareness DayI thought I would tell you about our puppy mill rescue program.

Working with longtime Colorado partner, National Mill Dog Rescue, we send our mobile rescue units to sites across the Midwest to rescue purebred and mixed breed dogs and puppies that would otherwise be killed or discarded because ‘they cannot be sold or cannot be sold. longer breed…after years of producing litter after litter. Some are far from perfect. Maybe they have an underbite, a cherry eye, or a “defect” that makes them “unsellable.” Many have been so neglected – and lived in such squalid conditions – that they are sick or have behavioral problems. This is where we come in. We make repeated trips west to bring them to Long Island, feed them and give them a fresh, loving new start.


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