Personalization of pet food, trend in 2023

Pet food personalization follows the two megatrends of premiumization and humanization. People adjust their own diets to influence their health, and pet owners want to do the same for their pets. Health and wellness concerns may be one of the biggest drivers for pet food customization. Pet owners are increasingly aware of the links between health and diet.

In their “2023 Insights Report,” pet food industry analysts and ingredient supplier SMA explored why personalization of pet food matters. Pet owners are looking for foods for their dogs, cats and other pets that will support their bodies and minds. This doesn’t come in a one-size-fits-all bag of kibble. Pet owners are looking for personalized pricing tailored to their pet’s individual physiology.

Growing demand from pet owners for personalized options

Owners of dogs, cats and other pets are increasingly seeking these personalized pet foods, according to ADM analysts. They cited a 2021 survey by Mintel in which 88% of pet owners said they thought it was important to take preventative measures to protect the health of their pets. A 2022 FMCG Guruz report states that 40% of pet owners globally are turning to pet products to support the well-being of their pets. Another report by FMCG Guruz found that 63% of consumers were interested in personalized products to meet their individual needs.

“The industry is moving towards a new approach, with a deeper understanding of how cats and dogs eat, sleep, play and behave throughout their lives in order to tailor products to different needs of every animal,” wrote ADM analysts.

Among other trends, ADM analysts saw growth opportunities in supplements with functional benefits for physical and mental health, as well as real-world, science-based dietary solutions for proactive health support with a specificity specific to each species.


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