How much does it cost to care for a cat or dog in Singapore?

High temperatures in this part of the world don’t bode well for our four-legged friends either, and dogs in Singapore commonly suffer from skin problems and allergies, the treatment of which can cost up to S$600 .

Dr Teo Boon Han, veterinarian and managing partner of VetTrust, said: “The cost of treating these conditions can vary greatly, depending on whether there are underlying problems or complications. Typical veterinary treatment fees can range from S$100 to a few thousand dollars.

Even at a young age, pets may also need physical therapy. Hip dysplasia, for example, is a common orthopedic disease in certain dog breeds. Russell Chan, whose family welcomed Luna, an English cocker spaniel, last year when she was just three months old, noticed that she tended to do bunny hops when running or climbing stairs .

“At first we thought it was cute, until we realized she was avoiding using her right hind leg. The vet recommended hydrotherapy for Luna to strengthen her joints, which would cost at least S$100 per session,” he said.

Thanks to advances in veterinary care, our pets are living longer than before. Aging dogs like Hazel are prone to kidney problems and cats are not immune either. Dr Teo estimates that one in three cats over the age of ten suffers from chronic kidney disease. Once damaged, their kidneys have “minimal ability to heal.”


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