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Samsung Electronics’ booth at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023 introduces a whole new era of cross-device connectivity that focuses on keeping users connected to the environment.

At CES, the world’s largest consumer electronics and information technology show held in Las Vegas on January 5 local time, Samsung is showcasing its all-new connected experience powered by SmartThings, along with all the latest on how the company combines innovation and sustainability through eco-friendly initiatives for a better future for all.

If you can’t make it to Las Vegas in person this year, read on for a closer look at how Samsung is bringing its booth to life, united under the theme “Bringing Calm to Our Connected World.”

▲ Upon entering the exhibition hall, visitors are welcomed and introduced to Samsung’s theme “Bringing Calm to Our Connected World”. The exhibition includes the company’s vision for sustainability which will be achieved through environmentally friendly products and technologies, in addition to its vision for daily life which will be enriched by SmartThings, an experience brand interconnected.

1. Towards a sustainable future: eco-responsible innovation for people and products

Samsung announced its New environmental management strategy In September last year, the company presented its approach to tackling the climate crisis through innovative technologies, including ultra-low power semiconductors and environmentally friendly product development, as well as its goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

At this year’s CES, Samsung is once again demonstrating its commitment to taking action to combat climate change, including the company’s latest efforts to boost the flow of resources and the products and innovations it has developed to create an environmentally friendly technological ecosystem.

▲Visitors can learn about Samsung’s green initiatives throughout the product life cycle, from sourcing and production to packaging, use and disposal. Visitors can closely observe Samsung’s Regenerative Catalyst System (RCS) process for the first time at CES. Samsung was the first in the industry to develop it and there is nothing else like it. Since its introduction, we have continued to improve it, bringing the efficiency of the process to 95%.

▲ Samsung has developed a variety of accessibility features to provide more accessible technology for everyone. This includes the new Relumino mode, which adjusts picture settings to improve the viewing experience for visually impaired people, which will be available on select 2023 Samsung TV models.

▲ Visitors experience automatic captioning mode, which leverages AI to place captions in non-obstructive locations on the screen.

▲ To commemorate the importance of these technologies, Samsung organized an exhibition of artworks from Diversity Drawing Project, an artistic collaboration of people with intellectual disabilities. The aim of the project was to break previously created stereotypes in art and the exhibition caught the attention of visitors as it painted a picture of a better future.

▲ Samsung helps users live more sustainably, notably through its Net Zero Home, in which all household energy consumption is managed with energy produced within the home itself. With SmartThings Energy, a Net Zero home can efficiently manage the flow of energy without waste and features such as AI Energy mode can help optimize energy consumption in times of energy surplus or shortage.

▲Visitors can discover how, by removing the need for complicated manuals, Net Zero Home’s 3D map view makes monitoring energy consumption easier than ever. The AI ​​Saving Mode setting continuously monitors and reduces energy consumption based on the estimated energy bill, with Away Notification – compatible with Bixby – sending notifications when unnecessary energy consumption is detected. Other SmartThings features, such as AI analysis of washing machine detergent, are also expected to revolutionize water consumption at home.

2. The evolved SmartThings platform: offering hyper-connected experiences to all

SmartThings, Samsung’s exclusive smart home platform, has become more than just a connected home solution. it’s an integrated experience brand. Bringing together the SmartThings platform, which connects smart home products and other objects, Bixby, which provides AI services beyond simple voice commands, and Knox, which securely manages and protects users’ personal information, Samsung’s offering is being presented at CES across a total of six daily connection experiences.

Each of the innovative technologies featured in SmartThings, Knox and Bixby aim to improve the connectivity, controllability and personalization of users’ devices for a more holistic connected life. By integrating the three platforms, Samsung aims to better enrich people’s lives in all aspects of their lifestyle, presenting its 2023 vision for a new era of connected living.

▲ Create your own home device ecosystem with SmartThings. With all your devices and appliances registered to SmartThings, connecting and monitoring device performance is a breeze with built-in IoT.

Improve your home security with SmartThings home monitoring

▲ Visitors learn more about how Samsung helps keep users safe, both digitally and physically. SmartThings Home Monitoring works with over 1,000 SmartThings-connected devices, including Samsung TVs, to keep your home secure anytime, anywhere. With data held securely by the highly advanced Knox Vault Security platform, you can be sure to know what’s happening in your home in real time through your smartphone by leveraging your smart TV camera as a home camera.

▲ By connecting leak sensor and smoke detectors from partner brands, SmartThings Home Monitoring can help protect your home from leaks and fires, alerting you to potential problems in your home.

Family care made easier with Galaxy devices

▲ With SmartThings’ remote connectivity, those worried about their elderly parents can monitor their loved ones’ well-being with Samsung Senior Care, which can tap into a TV’s microphone and camera as well as the Galaxy Elderly user’s Watch to monitor and send real-time alerts to family members in case of emergency.

▲ Samsung’s Pet Care service can help you monitor and keep an eye on your furry companions, including cats and dogs, because pets are also members of the family.

Immersive entertainment experiences at the touch of a button

▲ Visitors test the new Samsung Maintenance ready system, helping to make users’ in-cabin experience (ICX) safer and more comfortable. Through a system including on-board cameras and sensors, Ready Care helps monitor driver cognition and concentration, alerting the driver when changes in their health are detected. Additionally, Ready Care gives you the ability to easily configure your home environment from your vehicle remotely, helping you create the perfect home environment before you arrive home.

▲ You can take your immersion to the next level when gaming or watching a movie, as the color and brightness levels of the surround lighting will match the content on the screen accordingly thanks to Music Sync and Video Sync.

Take control of your health and wellness with Samsung Health

▲ SmartThings and Samsung Health help users take control of their health by providing advice on how to exercise properly, eat better, and track their health and fitness goals.

▲ Samsung is also developing Remote Medical Care, a service that allows users to consult doctors without having to travel by syncing and sharing their Samsung Health data with their doctor remotely, all from the comfort of their home .

▲Samsung TV Plus, Samsung’s free streaming service, provides users with seamless viewing experiences across devices. If you’ve been enjoying content on your mobile while traveling, you can instantly pick up where you left off once you get home on your TV.

Create a “smart working” environment in your home office

▲ Visitors discover how Samsung is redefining the term “work from anywhere” with its frictionless phone-to-PC platforms and technologies. With Samsung Easy Connection, easily connect your PC to your Samsung Smart Monitor without having to enter the IP address and PC name every time you connect.

▲ Thanks to Samsung’s DeX platform, working remotely has never been easier. Switch between programs, multitask effortlessly, and increase your productivity, all wirelessly and from virtually anywhere.

A revamped SmartThings ecosystem offers endless connection possibilities

▲ The SmartThings platform currently offers approximately 3,000 Works-With SmartThings products from 300 partners, as well as compatibility with the Matter standard protocol, HCA standards, and other devices outside the IoT network — made possible through numerous partnerships from Samsung — for a smoother smart home life. connectivity. These expanded services provide users with a diverse and wide range of interworking possibilities.

Samsung’s new environmental management strategy is a concept that goes beyond simple environmental protection, encompassing both environmental strategies and ethical management across value and supply chains to help build a better future for all.

Samsung will continue to act on its commitment to achieving true sustainability, in all its forms, to create healthy, sustainable and connected connected device ecosystems.

Stay tuned to Samsung Newsroom to learn more about Samsung’s booth at CES 2023 and the connected innovations that will transform everyday life this year and beyond.


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