A Look at Snoop Dogg’s Many Business Ventures

Snoop Dogg successfully transitioned from musician to savvy businessman.

Snoop Dogg, the iconic American rapper, songwriter and actor, left an indelible mark on the music industry and demonstrated his remarkable understanding of business through a series of successful ventures. With a career spanning over three decades, Snoop Dogg’s influence extends far beyond his hit albums and songs topped the charts. From his breakthrough albums like doggy style And The dog’s father Since his foray into the cannabis industry with Casa Verde Capital, Snoop Dogg has consistently demonstrated his ability to navigate different industries and capitalize on emerging markets.

With an estimated net worth of $160 million, Snoop Dogg’s business ventures cemented his position as one of the richest rappers and showcased his innate business genius.

8 Snoop Doggie Doggs

Snoop Doggie Doggs is a pet products company founded by Snoop Dogg. The company offers an extensive selection of pet products fit for royalty. These products include accessories, dog bowls, toys and clothing. Snoop Doggie Doggs offers various collections: Halftime, Classic Snoop, Mic Drop, Off The Chain, Throw A Dogg A Bone and Boss Lady. By prioritizing quality and style, Snoop Doggie Doggs ensures that all beloved furry companions get the royal treatment they deserve.

7 Capital of Casa Verde

In 2015, Snoop Dogg co-founded Casa Verde Capital, a venture capital firm focused on investing in the cannabis industry. The Company invests in early-stage and growth-stage companies that provide ancillary services to the cannabis industry, such as technology, media, e-commerce, health and wellness, and agricultural technology. With the legalization of marijuana in several states, Snoop Dogg recognized the growth potential of this emerging market. Casa Verde Capital has invested in various cannabis-related companies, including cannabis delivery service Eaze and cannabis-infused beverage brand Cann. According to Technological crisisCasa Verde Capital has raised a whopping $100 million for its second round of investment in 2020.

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6 Leaves by Snoop

Snoop Dogg owns and promotes Leafs By Snoop, a cannabis brand produced by Canopy Growth Corporation. According to Forbes, the brand, which debuted in 2015 in Denver, Colorado, offers a diverse line of eight products. These include four Indica-dominant strains (Bananas, Northern Lights, Moonbeam, Cali Kush), three sativa-dominant strains (Lemon Pie, Blueberry Dream, Tangerine Man) and one high-CBD strain (3D CBD) . Customers can purchase the flower in various packaging options, as well as pre-rolled joints and oil cartridges. Additionally, Leafs By Snoop features a line of edibles, such as chocolate bars, gummies, fruit chews, peanut butter drops and gems. With a focus on quality and variety, the brand caters to discerning cannabis consumers looking for a premium experience.

5 Snoopadelic movies

Snoopadelic Films, founded by Snoop Dogg in 2005, is a major film production company. Formerly known as Doggfather Ent., it specializes in creating and distributing compelling films that revolve around the music and culture of Snoop Dogg. Notable works from their repertoire include Boss ‘n Up (2005)Hood of Horror (2006), Reincarnated (2013), Martha and Snoop’s potluck (2016), Snoop Dogg Presents The Joker’s Wild (2018), and Go Big Show (2021), among others. Additionally, the company has produced compelling documentaries like Welcome Home – The Doggumentary (2002) and Death Row: The Lost Sessions Vol. 1 (2009).

4 Snoopify app

In 2013, Snoop Dogg launched the Snoopify app, allowing users to add Snoop Dogg-themed stickers and graphics to their photos. The app quickly gained popularity, reaching over a million downloads within the first week of its release. Snoopify has provided fans with a unique and fun way to interact with the Snoop Dogg brand and has further strengthened its presence in the digital space. According to The GuardianSnoop Dogg made $30,000 a week from this app.

3 Indoggo

Indoggo is a flavored gin brand created by Snoop Dogg in 2020 in partnership with Keenan Towns and Marc Weisberg of Trusted Spirits and Prestige Beverage Group. The gin contains seven premium botanicals and natural strawberry flavor, resulting in a smooth and refreshing drink. The gin is gluten-free, sugar-free, low-calorie and vegan. The brand’s slogan is “Remix Your Gin”. Indoggo is sold in 750ml and 50ml bottles and ready-to-drink cocktails in four flavors: Strawberry Salty Dog, Gin & Juice, Strawberry Mule and Strawberry Daiquiri. Indoggo is inspired by Snoop Dogg’s love of gin and juices and his laid back California style.

2 Broadus food

Snoop Dogg’s business activities even include the food industry. He founded Broadus Foods in 2022, a company specializing in the production and distribution of food products, according to The rebound. The company manufactures breakfast products under the Mama Snoop and Snoop Cereal brands. Mama Snoop is inspired by Snoop Dogg’s late mother, Beverly Tate, and features pancake mix, maple syrup, oatmeal and oatmeal. Snoop Cereal offers three varieties: Fruity Hoopz with Marshmallows, Cinnamon Toasteez, and Frosted Drizzlerz. Cereals contain colorful boxes with characters, games and affirmations. Broadus Foods partners with Post Consumer Brands to produce cereal. It also donates a portion of the profits from each sale to charities that fight homelessness and food insecurity.

1 Happy Jane

Merry Jane is an online platform co-founded by Snoop Dogg that focuses on cannabis culture, news and lifestyle. The platform provides a wealth of information on cannabis-related topics, including news, product reviews, and interviews. Merry Jane has become a go-to resource for cannabis enthusiasts and has further cemented Snoop Dogg’s presence in the cannabis industry.

Snoop Dogg’s journey from young rapper to successful entrepreneur reflects his business acumen and versatility. Through his various businesses, he has demonstrated his ability to identify opportunities, capitalize on emerging markets and build successful brands. From Casa Verde Capital to Leafs By Snoop, Snoop Dogg has proven himself to be a true business genius.

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