65 Willy Wonka Dog Names

Whether you’re a fan of Roald Dahl’s book or the films starring Gene Wilder, Johnny Depp or, more recently, Timothée Chalamet, the Wonka universe certainly offers some unique name options! If you’re dreaming of a fantastic name for your new dog, these Willy Wonka dog names might be just the name you’ve been dreaming of. After all, as Willy Wonka said: “We are dreamers, we are dream-makers.” »

illustration of Willy Wonka looking at the chocolate factory

Most Popular Wonka Names

Willy Wonka: The eccentric and mysterious owner of the chocolate factory. The name “Wonka” has become synonymous with a feeling of Magiccreativity and eccentricity (which also looks a lot like dogs!)

Oompa Loompa: The little workers at Wonka’s factory. They are known for their distinctive appearance, the songs they sing, and their small size, which makes them a fun name for a small puppy. This would also be a fun set of names for two dogs!

More dog names from the Willy Wonka universe

Some of the names from the world of Willy Wonka are long, but if you’re looking for a two- or three-word dog name, these may work (and you can always shorten it with a Willy Wonka). nickname!)

  • Auguste Gloop: A gluttonous boy who falls into the chocolate river.
  • Hive Candy Room: A room in the factory where special candies are made.
  • Blueberry Room: Where Violet Beauregarde turns into a blueberry.
  • Bucket family: Charlie’s poor but loving family.
  • Candy boat: A boat that travels on the chocolate river.
  • Candy Garden: A garden made entirely of candy in the factory.
  • Charlie Seau: The humble and caring protagonist.
  • Chocolate room: The famous room where everything is eaten.
  • Chocolate waterfall: A waterfall made entirely of chocolate.

From time to time, the wisest men enjoy a little nonsense.

Willy Wonka
  • Cocoa beans: Used by Wonka as currency to pay the Oompa-Loompas.
  • Edible Marshmallow Pillows: A unique candy in Wonka’s factory.
  • Elevator buttons: In the Great Glass Elevator, each button leads to a different adventure.
  • Eternal Gobstoppers: A candy that never gets smaller.
  • Sparkling and lifting drinks: A drink that floats the drinker.
  • Sparkling Lifting Room: The room where sparkling drinks are prepared.
  • Fudge Mountain: A mountain made entirely of fudge.
  • Giant peach: Reference to another story by Roald Dahl, sometimes mentioned in adaptations.
  • Glass elevator: A magical elevator that can travel in all directions.
  • Golden Ticket: A ticket that gives access to Wonka’s factory.
  • Large glass elevator: The elevator that takes Charlie to new adventures.
  • Caramel for hair: A caramel that makes hair grow.
  • Invention room: The room where Wonka invents new candies.
  • Juice room: Where the violet is taken after turning into a blueberry.
  • Knitting: Vicious aliens encountered in Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator.
  • Lickable Wallpaper: A wallpaper with flavors you can taste.
  • Loompaland: The fictional country where the Oompa-Loompas come from.
  • Mike Teavee: A boy obsessed with shrinking television.
  • Mint Gummies for the Boy Next Door: A type of candy mentioned.
  • Mr. Bucket: Charlie’s hardworking father.
  • Mr. Salt: Veruca Salt’s indulgent father.
  • Mr. Turkentine: Charlie’s teacher.
  • Ms. Bucket: Charlie’s caring mother.
  • Ms. Gloop: Augustus Gloop’s mother.
  • Ms. Salt: Veruca Salt’s mother.
  • Ms. Teavee: Mike Teavee’s mother.
  • Nut room: Where the squirrels test the nuts for the factory.
  • Pink sugar boat: Another boat on the Chocolate River.
  • Pure imagination: A famous song from the film.
  • Quality testing room: Where new candy inventions are tested.
  • Candy mine: A mine where candy sugar is extracted.
  • Roald Dahl: The author of the original Charlie and the chocolate factory book.
  • Slugworth: A rival chocolatier often mentioned.
  • Snizzberry: A fictional type of berry mentioned in the plant.
  • Square candies that appear round: A unique candy in the factory.
  • Squirrels: Smart squirrels in the factory sorting nuts.

We are all much luckier than we think, we usually get what we want – or close enough.

Charlie and the chocolate factory
  • Television-Chocolate Room: Where Mike Teavee is transported by television.
  • The Chocolate Factory : The central location of the story.
  • The Nutty Crunch surprise: A candy mentioned in the book.
  • The warming candy room: A room where special treats are made.
  • Caramel apple trees: Trees that grow candy apples.
  • Veruca salt: A spoiled girl who demands everything.
  • Violette Beauregarde: A girl who chews gum all the time.
  • Whangdoodles: Creatures mentioned by the Oompa-Loompas.
  • Delicious Whipped Fudgemallow Delight: A candy bar.
  • White chocolate waterfall: Another factory feature.
  • Wonka Bar: The famous chocolate bar made by Wonka.
  • WonkaMobile: A vehicle used by Wonka in the factory.
  • Wonka Vision: A technology used to transport objects or people.
  • Wonka Wash: A factory cleaning solution.
  • Wonka’s Office: Where Wonka’s office is half of everything.
  • Wonkavator: Another name for the Great Glass Elevator.
  • Wonkavision: A TV show that Mike Teavee loves.
  • Wobbly taffy extractor: A machine in the invention room.

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