5 Best Apps to Track Your Pet’s Health and Well-Being

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Life is simply better with pets, and keeping your pets healthy is crucial to a long and happy life. Of course, there are apps for tracking your pet’s health and wellness that can make it easier for you in the long run.

If you have multiple pets, you may sometimes find it difficult to manage all of their different appointments, medication reminders, food restocking orders, and more.

This article highlights 5 of the best apps for tracking your pet’s health and wellness.

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5 Best Apps to Track Your Pet’s Health and Well-Being: Quick List

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Have only one a few minutes? Take a look at our top picks here.

  1. VitusVet: A better option to track and organize activities
  2. PuppyTox: Best medical app to check poisons and toxins
  3. My pet: Most comprehensive option to create a medical record/profile
  4. PitPat: Best exercise app
  5. Whistle: Best GPS option to keep an eye on your pet

If you want to come back later for more information, we’ve provided a more detailed review of each app below.

5 of Our Favorite Apps for Tracking Your Pet’s Health and Well-Being

1. VitusVet

vitusvet app

As the owner of five cats (yes, I know), it takes a lot of effort to stay organized and informed about all of my cats’ different needs.

VitusVet helps seamlessly keep your pets’ information in one simple place. This is a great tool for recording:

  • Key health indicators
  • Keep track of their medications
  • Record microchip and pet insurance information
  • Note allergies and medical alerts
  • Set reminders for prescription or food refills
  • Manage appointments (vet, groomers, etc.)

vitusvet app

If your veterinarian is a member of the VitusVet platform, you can also directly request appointments and prescription refills.

VitusVet takes care of the work, organization and reminders so you can spend more quality time with your pet and less time worrying about their different needs.

Another great feature is the ability to add pet sitters or groomers to your account so everyone can be aware of your pet’s health and well-being.

The app has received thousands of outstanding reviews online and is currently free.

VitusVet supports iOS and Android.

2. PuppyTox

puptox app

As most cats and dogs tend to be curious AllYou might encounter a situation where your pet gets into something they shouldn’t.

Whether it’s a plant or a household product, my first thought is always: “Is it toxic??”

PuppyTox is a super simple but extremely useful app with a inventory of more than 250 items known to be toxic to cats and dogs.

Don’t let its outdated design deter you: this app is really useful for pet owners!

It also has a integrated chocolate toxicity calculator which takes into account the weight of your pet, the type of chocolate and the estimated amount of chocolate consumed.

chocolate toxicity calculator

I hope I never have to use it, but I’m glad I know where to find this information if ever warranted.

The app has a simple search option at the bottom of its screen, allowing you to search for any product you might be concerned about.

puptox application inventory

Although PupTox does not serve as a resource for first aid or other treatmentThis can help determine if your pet needs medical attention based on the product or plant they may have consumed.

We all want nothing more than the best health and care for our four-legged friends, and this app can definitely help us with that.

PupTox is free and supports iOS and Android devices.

3. My pet

my pet app

Look no further if you want comprehensive, fully integrated medical ID for your pet!

THE My Pet app has been considered the #1 pet records creator where you and your veterinarian can access all information regarding your pet’s health and well-being.

Here are some of the most notable features of My Pet:


  • Medical incidents and attributed to a designated pet
  • Specific medications and treatments
  • Useful notes on your pet’s behaviors
  • Animals lost or found via The Pet Rescue platform
  • Complete medical identification (vaccinations, deworming, clinical visits, diagnostic examinations, additional treatments, etc.)

my pet file


  • Photo and video albums
  • Document/File Library
  • Contacts for veterinarians, trainers, groomers, etc.
  • Notifications of appointments, medications, etc.
  • Genealogical maps

my pet app


  • Body measurements (weight, height, length)
  • Vital indicators (heart rate, temperature, insulin injections, etc.)
  • Allergies
  • Food
  • Online Alerts for FDA Food Recalls
  • Exercise/activity

The app also provides additional resources like the location of dog parks based on where you are, growth maps, and general pet care tips (grooming, feeding, etc.).

If your veterinarian is also a My Pet user, you can easily share information by uploading it through the My Pet Cloud.

The application costs $2.99but for the extensive content that comes with it, we think it’s well worth the price.

The My Pet app currently supports iOS devices.

4. PitPat

PItpat app

THE PitPat app is the ultimate exercise tracker for your pet. It’s primarily aimed at collared dogs, but hey, my dad walks his cat every day, so it’s not totally exclusive to cats!

The app itself is freebut this requires the PitPat collar, who can associate with the application. The collar costs around $39, but if tracking your pet’s health and fitness is very important to you, it’s not too unreasonable a purchase.

PitPat guarantees that its tracker is small and lightweight, so your dog (or cat) won’t even know it’s there.

pitpat necklace

Essentially it works once you pair the PitPat collar with the app on your phone, you will be able to monitor all forms of exercise and activity of your pet throughout the day.

You’ll see things such as minutes of walking, running, playing, and resting. You will also get information on distances traveled and calories burned.

pitpat app

In addition to exercise and activity, you can keep tabs on your dog’s weight by selecting an “ideal weight” and recording weigh-ins as he progresses toward that goal.

They also have a summary feature that will display activity over time. Whether it’s a week or a month, you’ll know how much exercise (and rest) your pet gets each day.

PitPat is available for iOS and Android devices.

5. Whistle

health whistle

Whistle has become an increasingly popular app with rave reviews online for its excellent health and GPS tracking qualities.

THE Whistle app works by connection to a health tracker and GPS (some models.)

There are different tiers of trackers available, depending on whether you want to spend just $49 or go up to $180 with a collar included.

The choice is yours and it’s good to have options based on your budget.

What you will get from the latest health features includes monitoring of eating, drinking, sleeping and even scratch and lick!

whistle health tracking

By monitoring these trends, you may be alerted to a condition that could easily be treated but might otherwise have gone unnoticed without these alerts.

THE GPS features for Whistle is without equal. Where most other tracking devices have a set radius in which they can track, Whistle is unlimited anywhere in the United States. It’s pretty incredible!

gps whistle

This means that if you live in Seattle and go on a business trip to New York, you will still be able to monitor your dog’s every movement and activity with Whistle’s awesome GPS.

In the app you can also set “Safe place” limits for your pet. This could be your yard or even your neighborhood. If your dog goes outside these limits, you will be immediately notified via an “escape alert”.

whistle app

Whistle is one of our favorite apps for tracking your pet’s health and wellness (and location). It is currently available for iOS users.

Final Thoughts

Pet owners will do whatever they can for their furry loved ones. Keeping tabs on their overall health and well-being is essential for a long and happy life.

With this article, we hope you’ve found an app or two that you’d like to start using to track your pet’s health and wellness for years to come.

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