2 year old male Hound Cross available for adoption

Bailey is a 2 year old male Hound Cross. He was rescued along with many other dogs following a complaint to social services. The dogs were in a terrible state, many of them malnourished, scared and covered in sores from living outside.

Several local rescues were contacted to help the group of dogs and four of them went to one of our partners, so we are now looking for loving homes for them. Bailey is a little more anxious than the other dogs he was rescued with, and when he first arrived in his new environment, he was extremely anxious and subdued.

It took him weeks to get used to someone, but gradually, once he started to feel safer, he became friendlier and more willing to approach. He benefited greatly from being around other confident dogs and observing their behavior. He would therefore happily welcome a home with a friend who can show him the ropes.

Naturally, Bailey’s newfound calm and confidence will regress a bit after finding a new home, but it’s only temporary. Bailey gets along well with other dogs and currently lives in a busy foster home with many other puppies. He gets along equally well with males and females, puppies and seniors, active dogs and more docile characters.

Bailey is a very good mixer and easily settles into a pack dynamic. He especially learned a lot from his buddy Jett, and his even-keeled temperament rubbed off on Bailey.

Bailey would be best suited to a semi-rural home with a quiet family, away from busy roads and noise. He has so much potential that he just needs to first bond with you and build that trust. He loves spending time outside and would prefer a house with direct access to a garden.

When he feels comfortable with you, Bailey likes affection. He loves to rest his chin on your lap to rub his head and also leans down to scratch his ear. He gets a little flustered by the fast and unpredictable movements, and so we are looking for a home with only older children (10+). He may also be more reserved with men, especially if they are very tall, well-built or noisy. In the right setting, Bailey will thrive.

Bailey has made a lot of progress since his rescue, and he has so much potential to become a beloved and established companion. She’s a sweet soul with a lot of love to give, she just needs to find her person. Bailey is currently based in Cyprus and is in good health. He’s ready to travel once he finds his forever home.

Please note that any mention of breed is nothing more than an educated guess based on what we know about the dog, its appearance, behavior and common breeds in its country of origin. We can never guarantee breed specifics, nor confirm the exact age of our dogs, unless they were born under our care. Age estimates are made by our veterinarians based on the dog’s development, general health, energy and teeth.


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