1-2 year old female American Bulldog Cross available for adoption

Doris is a female American Bulldog Cross aged 1 to 2 years old. She is a huge beast of love and people pleaser, she will do anything for treats and toys.

Doris is non-destructive and does not jump stairs. She loves to play and squeaky balls are her favorite! Doris gets along well with other dogs outside the house, but does not like dogs in her space at home.

With slow, careful introductions she could potentially live with another large breed dog with similar energy, she plays quite roughly as large bull breeds do.

Doris gets along well with my children, but due to her size and energy, I would suggest children over 10 who are familiar with dogs.

Someone worked hard to train Doris and she will be an absolute dream for the right family.

Doris walks like a dream 1-1, loose leash, very engaged, no pulling ignores people and dogs. When you add other dogs or people/kids, she may pull enthusiastically.

Partners of the Ilbrey K9 team

Partners of the Ilbrey K9 team

For further details regarding adopting a dog from the Ilbrey K9 Partners team, please email k9partners@gmail.com or contact 07913 410912.

The Ilbrey K9 Partners team specializes in the rescue of large breed dogs, mainly mastiffs and bulls, generally under 18 months of age.

All are fully vaccinated, microchipped and neutered if old enough, otherwise the adoption contract will stipulate that this will be done from age and this will be checked by your veterinarians.

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