The impact of MySchool: How Emma found hope and healing

Although she initially showed signs of resignation and despair, Emma’s spirit began to brighten thanks to the tender, loving care and veterinary support of the TEARS Veterinary Hospital And Kennel teams. His parasitic infection was quickly overcome by Bravecto, allowing her to experience much-needed relief from constant skin irritation and inflammation. Additionally, Emma was treated with antibiotics to combat her Ehrlichia infection, which resulted in noticeable improvements in her overall health, as well as medicated baths to soothe and repair her damaged skin. To help her skin heal and strengthen her skin barrier, Emma’s diet has become an essential part of her overall recovery. Thanks to The hill Prescription Diet Derm Complete, she has become stronger and healthier, and we finally see her true personality begin to emerge. A slight wag of her tail accompanies her subtle nudges for extra attention, revealing a glimpse of her endearing nature.

Any animal’s journey after physical and emotional devastation takes time. Still, Emma’s affirmative licks and tails confirm that she’s turned the corner and is well on her way to a full recovery. Thanks to the support that TEARS receives from My school donors, Emma will have her well-deserved “second chance” and will be relocated with a Adoption of tears family that can offer him the “happiness forever” that every animal deserves.


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