Stray dog ​​hit by car recovering at ARL

Stray dog ​​suffered numerous injuries, including fractured pelvis

A stray dog ​​is recovering at the Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) after recently being hit by a car in Boston and suffering a fractured pelvis, among other injuries.

Bingo, a one-year-old Border Collie mix, was found at the intersection of American Legion Highway and Blue Hill Avenue early on the morning of November 27 by Animal Control in Bostonwho immediately transported him to an emergency veterinary clinic to assess his injuries.

Once the dog was stabilized, he was transported to the ARL center. Boston Animal Care and Adoption Center for further treatment and care.

The injuries suffered by this dog correspond to those of a collision with a car.

In addition to a broken pelvis, Bingo suffered a number of lacerations requiring stitches, a chest X-ray revealed moderate to severe lung bruising and a mild pneumothorax.

Bingo is on the road to recovery and will require strict cage rest and short leash walks for about a month while his injuries heal.

Despite his condition, Bingo is incredibly friendly and outgoing and although he is not available for adoption at the moment, ARL looks forward to finding Bingo the home he deserves in early 2024.

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