Six-legged dog found abandoned in parking lot

A Cocker Spaniel puppy born with six legs was found abandoned in a car park in Pembroke Dock, UK.

According to Western Telegraphthe 11-week-old puppy was taken to Medivet in Pembroke on Wednesday September 27 by someone who claimed to have found the poor puppy in a car park.

The puppy was then taken to Greenacres Rescue, an animal shelter in the United Kingdom.

The animal shelter later posted on Facebook asking for information about the puppy, as he has no known history. In the post, Greenacres Rescue revealed: “She was born with six legs and various other abnormalities.”

While they don’t know anything about the puppy, the animal shelter began a diagnosis and treatment plan with veterinarians for the pooch.

The animal shelter decided to name the puppy Ariel. Speaking to the Western Telegraph, Mikey Lawlor from Greenacres Rescue shared the meaning of the dog’s name.

“Someone commented that she looked like a mermaid, so that’s when we decided to name her Ariel.”

The animal shelter continues to provide updates on little Ariel’s journey. In fact, in a update shared on September 30, Greenacres Rescue shared the good news that the dog is “internally” normal. “His organs are as they should be”, they wrote.

According to the animal shelter, the dog’s evaluation was as follows: “Ariel has two extra hind legs and the beginnings of an extra vulva. His pelvis has not formed properly due to the extra hip joint.

The plan will be to let her settle in after her ordeal and reassess her in a month with the goal of removing the extra limbs and exploring the function of her remaining leg.

Additionally, the animal shelter revealed that it was possible that Ariel could lose one of her legs. “Due to the structure of the extra limbs and pelvis, but time will tell.”

Fortunately, the animal shelter found a foster home for the puppy and can focus on his birth defects.

In a series of updates on Facebook, the animal shelter shared that Ariel is “settling in wonderfully with your host family”.

Since Ariel will be re-evaluated in a month and will likely lose her additional limbs, Greenacres Rescue will face significant veterinary costs.

If you can, you can send donations to Greenacres Rescue on their website to help with veterinary costs for Ariel and the other animals at their shelter.


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