Rescue Dog Becomes Hopkinsville Police Department’s First “Officer Paw-trol”

A Kentucky rescue dog went from being a shelter dog to becoming a police department’s first-ever “paw watch officer.”

The pit bull mix, named Bolo, became the Hopkinsville Police Department’s (HPD) first “patrol officer” after being sworn in by the city’s mayor, Mayor James R. Knight Jr., on November 7.

Three-year-old Bolo was only supposed to go to HPD to participate in a program called “Paw-trol Wednesday.”

According to HPDThe program launched in mid-October to feature a different shelter dog each week on Wednesdays to allow him to interact with people and increase his chances of being adopted.

In October, Bolo, who was originally from Christmas County Animal Shelter, spent a day at the HDP. But even though he was only there for one day, Bolo definitely stole the hearts of everyone at HPD.

HPD Police Chief Jason Newby recalls: “So when it came time for him to go home that day, they put him in his cage, and he kind of put his head down and cried, and everyone’s hearts melted, and We decided to adopt him.”

“Once Bolo started getting comfortable and playing with everyone, everyone was like, ‘Can we adopt him?’ Can we keep it?’” Royale Marfil, HPD public information officer, said The Dodo.

It’s safe to say the “Paw-trol Wednesday” program worked, because after a day of Bolo’s Paw-trol Wednesday, the police department revealed the dog had found his furry home.

“Bolo is now part of the HPD family! He fits in very well with our officers and staff with lots of play time, belly rubs and most importantly, NAPAS,” the police department wrote in a Facebook post update.

Marfil tells The Dodo that Bolo knew he was going to be adopted when she drove him to PetSmart to buy a collar and toys.

But Bolo’s Gotcha Day didn’t stop there! On November 8, Bolo was officially welcomed to the team and sworn in as the police department’s first-ever Paw-trol officer!

HPD posted a video on Facebook of the moment Bolo was sworn in. He took an oath, which read: “I, Bolo, do solemnly swear to support the citizens of the City of Hopkinsville, Kentucky, while I am Paw-trol Dog,” the dog sealed it with his inky paw print!

The Dodo reveals that unlike other active police dogs in the department, Bolo only wants one thing, and that is to be himself!

Marfil reveals, “If you pet him, he will smile. If you’re having a bad day, he has the biggest smile for you.


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