I had my dog ​​vaccinated against rabies, and that’s all that’s been done in the 2 months since I’ve had him. Unfortunately, I decided to relocate her because of my child’s state of health. Can I just create a simple contract for the new owners I give it to, so we can both sign it? That way, in case, God forbid, something happens to the dog, it won’t come back to me, especially since his rabies tag is in my name. What should I do?


Individuals wishing to relocate their animal would ideally have a contract signed by both parties that clearly states that one named person waives all rights to the animal in favor of the other named person. A description of the animal must be included and the agreement must be dated. The microchip, veterinary records (including rabies tag information), dog’s driver’s license and any other proof of ownership must also be changed. The method of modifying records should be discussed with the different entities (veterinarian, microchip company, etc.). The person registered as the owner of an animal must generally give consent before changes are made.

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