Podenco Cross, 3 year old female, available for adoption

Lola is a 3 year old female Podenco Cross, currently in our kennel in southern Spain. She was rescued from a very stressful municipal pound in Spain by our rescue team.

She is very active and full of fun, particularly loving running with all the other dogs and stealing a ball from anyone unlucky enough to own one! She needs training as she can be a little enthusiastic about requests for cuddles (and why not!) and jumps up so you can pet her – she just needs some kind, firm boundaries to thrive properly.

She is very affectionate with people and very calm with children, but due to her size and enthusiasm she would be better with older children or teenagers who understand how to get involved in training.

She is desperate to get out of her kennel and is very excited when she does, again – a solid training plan is a must. She can be a little nervous and we have difficulty putting weight on her, so she will need understanding and appropriate enrichment to channel her nervous energy. His breeding is mainly Podenco, with a few Malinois according to us. She gets along well with all the other dogs and is not bothered by the shelter chickens.

Lola is truly a charmer, and everyone who meets her immediately falls in love with her – and you too? Lola is negative for all infectious diseases, including Brucella canis.

All our dogs have an international passport (unless born in the UK) and are microchipped. They are fully vaccinated against common diseases as well as rabies and kennel cough. All dogs undergo blood testing for infectious diseases including Leishmaniasis, Heartworm, Ehrlichia, Babesia, Anaplasma, Lyme and Brucella. All dogs, except for medical or behavioral reasons, will be sterilized. Please note that we will notify you of the results and treatments upon successful application.

Adoption contract and fees, home check and lifetime UBI (backup) apply as standard.


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