PetSmart Transportation Grant – Impact Story

AARCS transport teams spent the night, and early the next morning, they emptied the shelter, including 18 dogs and 31 cats! Each animal was carefully loaded into our temperature-controlled vans for the long journey back to Edmonton and ultimately Calgary.

Witnessing the collaboration between animal welfare organizations is truly remarkable. The two organizations, with the support of PetSmart Charities of Canada, were able to create a space for the Northern Lights to open their doors again to welcome more animals. By transporting 49 animals to larger centers, we facilitated their adoption into loving homes soon after.

Thanks to PetSmart Charities Thanks to the support of Canada, through its generous grant of $30,000, AARCS has been able to move thousands of animals across the province each year! Our fleet of five vehicles is on the road almost every day and helps save lives. Today, we are grateful for the collaboration and partnerships in animal welfare that impact the lives of so many deserving animals. Here are some of the faces of the Northern Alberta Transportation Mission.


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