Paw-some Play: activities to entertain your puppy alone at home

Leaving our four-legged best friend home alone, even for short periods of time, can be difficult, especially if they are too young, suffer from separation anxiety, or face other conditions . Extended hours of separation can lead to boredom for our fur babies and guilt or stress for us owners as we question the well-being of our canine companion in our absence.

When you are away, ensure your dog’s well-being by providing him with enough food and water, exercising him beforehand, and removing any potential hazards. In addition to meeting their basic needs, consider other ways that can improve your pet’s comfort and safety while you are away. Let’s not let our barkers feel abandoned, here are some ways to entertain them, keep them healthy and warm while we are away.

Create a safe space

Leave your puppies in a place where they generally like to relax – where they feel comfortable, safe and happy. Consider blocking off a part of the house where they have all their favorite toys, favorite foods, accessible water, a cozy cave bed, and away from dangerous objects or hazards. If your dog is worried about loud sounds, incorporating a white noise machine or fan can help reduce stress while in their safe space.

Free access to a window

Our canine friends also like to observe the hustle and bustle outside. Enhance their experience by giving them a window with an interesting view. This will keep them engaged and make the time pass faster. For smaller breeds, make sure they have access to a comfortable perch with a blanket and pillow to relax on while observing the outside world.

Scatter treats in special places throughout the house

Before heading to work, turn treat time into a game of hide and seek by hiding treats in puzzle games for your sniffers to solve, harnessing their love for sniffing food. This not only sharpens their sense of smell but also exercises their cognitive skills. as they discover how to collect the treats from the puzzles. Keep things varied to avoid a routine, allowing your bowwow to spend the day enthusiastically searching for tasty treats. Change hiding places regularly to maintain interest and avoid boredom.

Fill a toy with frozen treats

Fillable toys, especially hollow rubber ones, are great for keeping pets occupied. For our crate fans, freeze a toy filled with their favorite treats overnight, providing hours of enjoyable licking. This not only provides a fun and patient activity for your pet, but also helps keep them cool and hydrated on hot days. As the ice cream gradually melts, the treats will emerge, making it an enjoyable game of patience for your pawy friend.

Hire the services of a dog walker

We and our beloved furry companion don’t like boredom. When you’re at work, your furry friend spends eight hours a day confined to the house with nothing to occupy his time. By hiring a dog walker, you ensure that your fur baby gets a break to burn off some energy, break up their day, and maintain their regular schedule. Playing fetch, offering affectionate petting and participating in a brushing session will alleviate all of your dog’s stress. An effective dog walker invests a lot of time with the pet, ensures it gets enough exercise, and has the ability to recognize signs that indicate the need for veterinary care.

Lay out a snuff mat or scratch bed

Snuff mats, available in various charming designs, serve as attractive toys for your wagging tail. By scattering small, delicious treats into the crevices of the mat, they can enjoy a stimulating and entertaining experience using their noses to search for hidden treats. This interactive activity aligns with their natural behaviors and provides both mental stimulation and fun.

Using television and music for entertainment

Using television is an alternative method of entertaining your good-natured dog, and a good place to start is with YouTube for Dogs. Surprisingly, there are television networks, YouTube channels and radio stations designed to keep your four-legged dog entertained and relaxed. In fact, you can subscribe to the official DOGTV streaming service, offering 24-hour TV with content scientifically tailored to pet dogs.

Several studies have indicated that playing classical music to our canine companions can decrease negative behaviors related to anxiety and stress while improving behaviors associated with relaxation. They experience a reduction in their breathing rate and are less likely to pace or stand. On the contrary, heavy metal music had the opposite effect while pop music had a minimal impact.

Use remote-controlled toys or toys that dispense treats

If your four-legged friend likes to chase various objects, experiment with an automated toy that jumps, wiggles, and rolls. Consider an electronic toy that syncs with a smartphone app, allowing you to control movements remotely. Witness the fun antics via your Nest Cam while you participate in an interactive game.

Treat-dispensing toys come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, offering different difficulty levels and challenges. This encourages engagement with your furry by stimulating their natural instincts like problem solving, chewing and hunting. From treat balls to puzzle toys, a diverse range of options guarantees endless possibilities for entertainment.

Remember, every man’s best friend is unique, so it may take some experimentation to find the activities and toys that best suit your dog’s preferences. Additionally, always make sure the environment is safe and free of hazards before leaving your four-legged best friend home alone, but entertained.


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