Overweight pig looking for a new home to start 2024

An overweight pig has been taken care of by the ARL since October

A four-year-old overweight pig, currently in the care of the Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL), is looking to start the new year off right by finding his forever home.

The young pot-bellied pig arrived at ARL about 30 to 35 pounds overweight and with mobility issues and emotional issues related to weight, but he has made tremendous progress over the past two months.

The pig, named Nala, was handed over to the ARL. Dedham Animal Care and Adoption Center in October, when her owner could no longer care for her.

Nala originally came from a cruelty case in Ohio when she was a piglet and was an indoor/outdoor pig in her previous home.

Due to her weight gain, Nala was uncomfortable when she arrived at ARL and had limited mobility.

Her discomfort also impacted her behavior and she was closed off and did not want contact initially.

However, as she began to lose weight, her mobility improved, as did her behavior.

The emaciated Nala can now be seen moving around freely in her enclosure and she has also started welcoming interactions, allowing pets and showing her sweet and tender side.

Although she has lost some weight, her new owner will need to help Nala continue her weight loss journey, but ARL believes she is now physically and emotionally ready to find her forever home – just in time for the new year !

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