Notable New Products: Pint-Sized DIY Ice Cream Kits and Piña Colada Popcorn

In this week’s roundup of notable new products, Lesser Evil is teaming up with RIND to launch Piña Colada popcorn, Clevr introduces a new line of SuperTeas, and YumEarth is expanding its Ultimate line of sweet treats.

real scoops

Just in time for summer, True Scoops has launched a new line of DIY True Scoops ice cream mixes and sauce mixes. Available in three flavors – Vanilla Bean, Chocolate and Strawberry – the shelf stable ice cream mixes only require the addition of half and half and can be mixed using an electric stand or hand mixer. hand. Meanwhile, sauce mixes are available in Hot Fudge and Salted Butterscotch varieties. True Scoops ice cream mixes are available online for $6.50 each, while sauce mixes are available for $6 each.


Allergen-free candy brand YumEarth has expanded its ultimate line of sweet treats with the addition of organic ginger and lemon chews. The new offering contains vitamins A, C and E and is free from all nine major allergens. YumEarth Organic Lemon Ginger Chews are available on the brand’s website for $7.69 per 3 oz. bag.


Latte powder company Clevr has unveiled its new line extension, SuperTeas. Available in three flavors at launch – Yuzu Lemon (caffeine-free), Dragonberry Hibiscus (caffeine-free) and Guava Green (mild caffeine) – the new line of instant functional teas are fortified with probiotics, adaptogens and electrolytes. Clevr SuperTeas are available through the brand’s website for $28 per 20-serving bag.

Lesser Evil x RIND

Lesser Evil and RIND have teamed up again, this time to release a limited edition Piña Colada popcorn flavor. The tropical-themed snack is blended with organic coconut oil and Lesser Evil’s signature Himalayan pink salt, and features notes of pineapple and coconut fruit powders from RIND . Lesser Evil x RIND Piña Colada is available at Whole Foods, Sprouts, and Thrive Market for $3.79 per 4.6 oz. bag.


Grain-free snack brand FitJoy announcement the launch of its latest innovation, crackers. Available in three flavors at launch – Classic, White Cheddar and Pepper Jack Cheese – the round of grain-free crackers was created to compete with Ritz and other major traditional cracker brands. FitJoy crackers will be available online nationwide starting July 1 for $5.99 to $6.49 per 8 ounce. box.

Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond has expanded its California almond product portfolio with its new Thin Dipped Almonds line. Available in two flavors at launch – Double Dark Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel – the new product line contains 50% less sugar than the average chocolate covered almond, the brand claims. Each serving contains 5 grams of protein and 170 calories. Blue Diamond Thing Dipped Almonds will soon be available in 4 oz. bags at Walmart stores nationwide.

SmartyPants Vitamins

SmartyPants has begun rolling out its new line of functional candies at Walmart, furthering the brand’s initiative to make better health accessible to everyone. The candies contain ingredients such as vitamin D3 for immunity, vitamin K1 for bone health and vitamin B12 for energy and metabolism and are available in strawberry cream flavor for children and toddlers , orange cream for women, lemon cream for adolescents and lemon for prenatal care and postnatal care. SmartyPants Multivitamin Gummies are available for a suggested retail price of $13.98 per bottle.


Barnana launched its first certified upcycled product, Organic Plantain Spoons. The new offering uses the skin of the fruit and reflects the brand’s commitment to fighting food waste by sourcing recycled plantains and minimizing the waste of by-products. Available in Himalayan Pink Salt flavor, each scoop serving contains 4 grams of skin-fed fiber. Barnana Organic Plantain Spoons are available at select Whole Foods Market stores across the country.


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