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What do selling jewelry and adopting animals have in common? For dog lovers, Allsays award-winning TV personality Allyson Spellman.

Allyson goes live once a week from Young-Williams Animal Center in Tennessee, where she has volunteered for years. © Allyson Spellman

Buy and Adopt is the theme of Allyson’s new Jewelry Television (JTV) live broadcast series, Jewelry to the rescuewhich features adoptable and homeless animals at Young-Williams Animal Center in Tennessee and a line of animal-themed jewelry.

“Jewelry is a real connector for dog lovers,” she says. “It automatically sparks conversations and emotions.”

Allyson, who is trying to promote animal rights whenever she can, she has thought about the idea based on the feedback she received after selling animal-centric jewelry on the various JTV shows she has hosted for the past five years.

This paw print is Allyson’s favorite animal-themed piece of jewelry © Allyson Spellman

“Our viewers were connecting with me, posting photos and sharing stories,” she says. “They were like, ‘This (piece) reminds me of my rescue!’”

She seized the opportunity to combine her two passions.

Three to four adoptable animals are featured during the weekly livestream at the shelter, along with other perks, like rescue fee waivers and jewelry gifts. Viewers across the country can ask real-time questions about animals and share their rescue stories.

“It’s interactive,” says Allyson. “I’m so inspired by our viewers.”

In the few months it aired, adoptions increased, including “the cutest tripod dog,” Allyson says. The show also recently won a TV Price.

You really have to ask yourself, she says: “Who saved who?

To watch the show, visit or follow on social media @JTV And @allysonspellman


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