How to Collaborate with Brands to Create Your Own Filmmaking and Photography Project Ideas

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As a creative, more specifically as a photographer/filmmaker, we tend to gig all over the city. Whether it’s a large production or small clients on a budget, our travels can be stressful, especially with the increase in gas prices. Electric cars are emerging, from trucks and sedans to SUVs; you will practically see electric vehicles on every street corner. This is why I bought a Tesla Model Y; it is efficient and spacious for all the gear and equipment I own.

The color options offered by Tesla are minimal. Since green is my favorite color, I had to figure out how to acquire this color. I have two options: have the car professionally painted or have the vehicle wrapped. So that’s when my creativity started to develop a concept. We saw many sports cars being wrapped in a specific color, and most of them attracted attention, so we decided to call them wrapped instead.

A while ago I came across this studio called “Light Box Garage”, which looked like a scene from Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight”. While Bruce Wayne uses a secondary Batcave garage in the city, I turned to this location to do something creative with the Tesla Model Y. I created a concept idea for filming the car wrapped inside this location and created a pitch deck for 3M Wrap. So I contacted 3M with a simple email.


I’m a filmmaker based in Los Angeles and I recently purchased a Tesla Model Y. I wanted to film myself wrapping the car in this amazing downtown studio. I was looking to propose a collaboration exchange for materials in exchange for a cinematic video that we would create. You can use this video for marketing purposes and I think it will generate some traction for you. I may even touch on a few topics you’d like your viewers to know about. Here are my links for you to check out.

After a few days I received a response that they were very interested. I talked with my partner and decided to bring out the video. We needed to collaborate with a few more companies to strengthen the Tesla and match the beautiful 3M packaging that will be added. We narrowed down some selections that could match the aesthetic of the car and decided to use other companies, such as 3D Mats, Temari, AZA Auto Wheels, and Zink Wheels, to fully customize the car.

We used the same email pitch, and everyone was excited and decided to collaborate. Then we got to work. We booked the studio and contacted our good friends at RC1 wraps to put their skills to the test. It took about two days to wrap the car, and right after that we decided to take it for a spin to take some nice B-Roll photos on Angeles Crest.

Our goal was to capture the Tesla transformed from its initial driveline into a beefed-up machine. From there we traveled to Angeles Crest and used the equipment mentioned below.

We used the Canon R5c to film the studio and location shots, and a DJI RS 3 PRO for our steady pans. A DJI mini 2 drone was used for aerial shots.

The main takeaways from this story are from a creative perspective. It’s about cultivating creativity. If you have an idea and a project, don’t hesitate to turn to brands that match your concept. This way, you can continue to develop your craft while managing to create partnerships along the way. No matter how complex or simple your ideas are, you can accomplish anything if you have the right plan and help others along the way.

About the Author

Isaac Alvarez is a commercial photographer, filmmaker and artist based in Los Angeles, California. Isaac is well known for his dramatic portraits that resonate with emotion while giving the viewer a powerful insight into the lives of his subjects. You can follow Isaac on Instagram or see more of his work on his website. This article was first published here and republished with permission.


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