Funny Dog Posts from Last Week (November 27)

Welcome to The Dogington Post’s “The Weekly Roundup,” where we scour the internet for the funniest articles about our four-legged friends.

This week, we’re bringing you fun dog-related articles from November 19 to November 25 that will get you through the rest of the week smoothly!

If you’re having a rough day, these items are sure to make you bark with joy.

When life imitates art:

When they’re so cute, you wonder if they’re real or not:

When you like vegetables but man not happy with it:

When you buy them something nice, but…:

When this person saw what life at the top is like:

When you watch the dog show and take photos like it’s a concert:

When they fail puppy school and we offer them to take the course again like us hoomans:

Uh, oh:

When you go to dogtor:

When your feline friend scares you:

When they wake up on the wrong side of the bed:

When they are fed up with the baby’s crying:

When they obviously don’t like “ME!” by Taylor Swift:

When they are visibly happy and confused at the same time:

When the hoomans serenade you on Friday:

“Should I stay or should I go?”:

When they just…:

If you just can’t get enough of our weekly roundup, you can check out last week’s batch posts!


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