Former guide dog who loves chasing squirrels finds ‘ideal’ new job

A dog, named River, becomes the first therapy dog ​​at a police station in Kent, UK, after being fired from his job as a guide dog due to his habit of chasing squirrels.

The naughty five-year-old Labrador was fired from her job as a guide dog because she just couldn’t give up her passion for squirrel hunting.

Dog chasing a squirrel on the way to town
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However, according to The mirrorThe dog’s strong resume and calm nature landed him the perfect job for a brand new pilot project with the police.

Currently, River is working on “calm anxious and vulnerable people in police custody” at a police station in Kent. And she has been doing it since December 2019.

But before her employment with Kent Police, the sweet girl was certified as a therapy dog ​​by the Pets as Therapy organization in 2016 and spent time helping children in a special school.

River did a spectacular job and the school decided to get its own therapy dog. This allowed River to take on a new challenge with Kent Police.

The Mirror reports that Kent Police saw River’s potential and tested her, all of which she passed with flying colors.

Sergeant Ian Sutton of Kent Police, who coordinated the dog guarding initiative, told the Mirror: “We often deal with people in crisis and, even if their behavior has resulted in an arrest, they could be suffering from depression, anxiety or mental illness. »

He further explains, “Young people may also find themselves in detention and in some cases they are frightened and intimidated by the experience, while others may have difficulty communicating. Detention can exacerbate these problems and we are committed to ensuring that police custody provides a safe and supportive environment for both police, staff and detainees.

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Sutton says River had a “notable positive impact” about those she spent time with and that the general atmosphere in detention is much better when she is there.

“This allows staff and officers to use their time more efficiently rather than spreading situations thin. » » said Sutton.

It is also revealed that River is well taken care of. She has an owner who always watches over her, has access to water and food and gets regular breaks.

River is proof that “when one door closes, another opens.” And we think any squirrel-free door would suit this playful dog!


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