Ethel and Lucy – 5 month old crossbred females available for adoption

ETHEL and LUCY are two adorable little puppy mix girls approximately 4-5 months old. Very small size (currently only 3 kilos for 20 cm in height, should reach around 6 kilos/30 cm as an adult).

Offered for adoption separately. Based in the Midlands, available for adoption throughout the UK (collection on site or sometimes meeting halfway can be arranged)

ETHEL & LUCY are very affectionate and full of love to give. They are friendly to everyone. Children, dogs, cats.

ETHEL & LUCY had welcomed them, but due to their professional commitments, the host family was not able to continue welcoming them. Here’s what the Foster family says:

“The puppies had a long journey but arrived relaxed. They are absolutely beautiful. They are very good with children, playful, calm with cats and eat well.

ETHEL & LUCY were abandoned at a bus stop, two tiny babies in a cardboard box. They are hungry, scared, eating cold food and have very little chance of surviving.

ETHEL & LUCY love being around humans and love other dogs. They are active, playful and happy puppies.

ETHEL and LUCY are great with children, but as they are puppies with possible play ways, we recommend children 6 years and older.

ETHEL & LUCY are confident and friendly with other dogs, not fearful and happy to play with everyone. They are good with cats.

ETHEL & LUCY will be perfect for any dog-loving family, who will be able to continue their socialization and training (we will be happy to provide you with lots of tips and advice). They really love each other, but we think they might grow apart if their family has another friendly dog.

ETHEL and LUCY have no known health problems; not sterilized (young age), have a complete vaccination record, microchipped. C. Brucella tested negative.


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