David van der Want takes on grueling cycling challenges to support TEARS

In a remarkable display of determination and compassion, David van der Want prepares to conquer two of the toughest mountain bike races, the MUNGA Grit Tankwa and the MUNGA complete, all in the name of supporting TEARS. The organization’s commitment to animal welfare fits perfectly with David’s desire to give more meaning to his cycling efforts and raise funds for a cause close to his heart.

Difficult races

David is no stranger to pushing his limits and he has set his sights on two incredibly difficult races: the MUNGA Grit Tankwa and the MUNGA complete.

1. The MUNGA Grit tankwa:

  • A grueling 500 kilometer loop through the Tankwa Karoo, starting and ending just outside Ceres.
  • The race presents challenges such as relentless wind, scorching heat and grueling undulations.
  • With a strict time limit of 50 hours, participants compete in a race against time.
  • The event will begin on April 26, 2024.

2. The complete MUNGA:

  • A monumental 1,100 kilometer mountain bike race starting in Bloemfontein and finishing in Wellington, Western Cape.
  • The route spans farm and dirt roads, with a daunting time limit of 120 hours beginning on November 27, 2024.
  • Participants face midsummer heat and extraordinarily harsh conditions.

David acknowledges the uncertainty and difficulty of these races, recognizing that a significant number of runners drop out for various reasons. However, he is driven by a desire to make a difference for TEARS and the animals they tirelessly support.

Support the cause

If you would like to contribute to David’s fundraising efforts for TEARS, you can follow this GivenGain campaign link. Every donation will directly benefit the crucial work TEARS does for vulnerable animals.

David’s courageous commitment to ride in the MUNGA Grit Tankwa and the MUNGA complete highlights the power of combining personal challenges with a noble cause. As he pedals through harsh landscapes and grueling conditions, he remains steadfast in his commitment to supporting TEARS.

Follow your training and progress on www.mamil.co.za and join him in making a positive impact on the lives of animals in need.


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