Cutest Corn Dog Halloween Costume

A look at this adorable Corn Dog Halloween Costume and you’re probably asking, “You did that? How?” Well, it’s actually easier than it looks! With a few materials that you can order from Amazon or pick up at the craft store, and some beginner to mid-level craft chops, you can also make your pup into a corncob dog costume. Go ahead and drop this one under awesome ideas for halloween and the best halloween costumes for dogs all time! Plan to dress up as a farmer yourself (denim overalls, scarf, plaid shirt, straw hat) for one of the best halloween costumes for dog and owner you’ll see all Halloween night.

Here are the step-by-step instructions for DIY the corn dog costume you never thought you’d need.

FOR THE CORN GRAIN BODYSUIT: Start with a yellow bath mat large enough to wrap around your dog’s torso (look for one that resembles the shape of corn kernels in texture, such as the yellow chenille bath mat we used). Use a dog coat or jacket you already own as a template to trace and cut out the shape of the bodysuit, which should include straps to wrap around the torso and neck. apply hard Adhesive Velcro to attach the straps.

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We used a doggie jacket we already had as a pattern for the Corn Kernel Bath Mat Bodysuit. Arrange faux leaves from the craft store on the bottom half and hot glue to create shells. Fold the underside for a clean edge.

FOR HULLS: With a wire cutting tool, cut artificial green leaves onto a rod from the craft store (we bought two rods for a 15 pound Shih Tzu) and arrange them to look like shells. Layer them as needed to cover the bottom half of the core bodysuit. Hot glue the corn kernel bodysuit, tucking the edges underneath for a finished look.

FINISH THE LOOK: Loosely tie a red bandanna around the dog’s neck and place a small straw hat with adjustable strap at his head.

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