Crossbred female aged 5 to 6 years available for adoption

Alina is a 5 to 6 year old crossbred female. She is sweet and gives a lot of love to her family. She loves cuddles on the couch and wakes you up in the morning with a big hello paw!

His favorite place is lying at your feet. Alina is lead and potty trained and loves her walks.

Alina has been kind to the strangers she meets on her travels. She is good with cars and travels well, so she would be a great companion for adventures.

Alina loves being outside and would benefit from a house with a garden in which she could lie down and play. Alina gets along well with the other dogs with whom she shares her foster family.

We think she might be happy in a home with other dogs or as the only dog ​​getting her full human attention.

Alina is a very loyal dog and tends to prefer the company of just one person at home. However, if given the time and patience to build trust and connection, we think she would also be happy with a multi-person household.

Alina gets along well with children who know dogs well and who respect her space. However, as she plays a little rough, we think she would be better suited to a home without young children. Alina was sterilized. She is currently in foster care in Lincolnshire.

The League of Biggies

The League of Biggies

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All dogs taken in through this rescue will be vaccinated, spayed/neutered and microchipped. Home checks apply and full post-adoption support is offered.

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