Crossbred female, 1 to 2 years old, available for adoption

Polina is a female crossbreed from 1 to 2 years old. She is clean, sterilized and sociable. She walks on a leash but needs to continue her leash training. Friendly and kind to everyone, including dogs and cats.

Polina is a survivor of the war in Ukraine looking for refuge and a forever home. Polina may be shy when first meeting new people, but eager to quickly establish trust. It may take 1-2 days to decompress upon arrival in a calm environment.

But when she comes out of her shell, she will blossom with love and reward all the patience given. She is cautious around strangers but ignores and/or a given treat, happy to accept them. Polina is very people-oriented, adults and children included.

As soon as she gains confidence, she will be your gentle shadow and your constant companion. But due to her natural caution, we don’t think she will be comfortable with children too young, so 8 and up will be a better choice.

Polina is friendly and playful with other dogs. Good with cats. Will work well in the home as the only dog ​​with people around most of the time or with the other medium sized dog.

Polina has no known health problems; sterilized, complete vaccination pack, microchip. All dogs from Ukraine arrive at C. Brucella tested with an approved laboratory certificate.

Paw Help UK

Paw Help UK

For further details regarding adopting a dog from Paw Help UK please email or phone/WhatsApp +447932590993 for an inquiry form or questions. Paw Help UK is a foster-based rescue that helps UK-based dogs abandoned by their owners find new homes. Paw Help UK is run by enthusiastic, dog-loving volunteers (unpaid positions) and exists solely through public donations (including adoption fees as a means of supporting rescue work: (transport, neutering, vet bills and vaccinations). A large proportion of our rescue dogs are bred in the UK before going to their forever homes. Paw Help UK also works as an adoption office for animals rescued from Poland, Ukraine and Belarus, we help abandoned pets of all ages, health, temperaments and backgrounds find a We still love our home in Britain.All dogs pass a health check, have their tests, full vaccinations and their behavioral assessment before arriving in the UK. We support the sterilization campaign in these countries and send 50 pounds from each adoption fee towards the sterilization of stray dogs.

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