Berry Tinsel – 7 month old crossbred female available for adoption

Berry Tinsel is a 7 month old female cross. Tinsel puppies are an adorable litter who are all looking for their forever families. Although Berry’s breed mix is ​​not known, based on her growth and size thus far, she is expected to be small to medium when fully grown.

The Tinsels are currently in a foster family in Romania and are well socialized and enjoying many new experiences. They are all typical puppies, full of life and energy! They are very playful and run around together all day, but are also given time apart to give each individual time and attention.

Berry has such a cheeky personality that she’s the one who pinches your slippers! Don’t let that innocent face fool you. She is very friendly to everyone she meets and comes running in full of hugs and kisses.

Berry has been around his brothers and sisters as well as other dogs in his foster family and shows no problems with them. We think she could be housed with a resident dog or as a sole dog with full attention given to her.

Like any puppy, Berry will need ongoing training to ensure she continues to grow and become a well-behaved adult. This will include cleanliness training, leadership training and command training. We highly suggest puppy classes as a way to create a strong bond together as well as learn useful skills.

Berry is still too young to have been spayed, so any potential adopters should be prepared to do so when she is old enough. She has been vaccinated, microchipped and fully vet checked. She is currently in Romania but is ready to travel to her new permanent home in 2024.

The League of Biggies

The League of Biggies

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