ARL Offers Cat Emergency Surgery on Severely Fractured Leg

Cat abandoned due to cost of care for broken leg

A 10-month-old Ragdoll cat is recovering at the Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) after undergoing an emergency amputation due to a severely fractured leg.

The cat, named Winter, was recently surrendered to the ARL. Boston Animal Care and Adoption Center after breaking his leg in a fall at his former home, and unfortunately, the financial estimates to treat the injury were too high for his former family.

Upon admission to ARL, the cat underwent a thorough veterinary examination, including x-rays.

Images revealed a significant femoral fracture and the damage was too great to save the leg.

In addition to amputating the broken leg, ARL veterinarians also sterilized the animal, which revealed another problem for the young cat.

Winter was born with a partially formed uterus and was also missing a kidney.

The partially formed uterus and associated ovary were removed during spaying and will have no impact on her future health.

ARL suggests that Winter’s new family consults her primary veterinarian about living with a kidney, so that her kidney function can be monitored as she ages – but Winter is expected to enjoy a normal quality of life.

Winter is not only a beautiful cat, but she has also demonstrated a friendly, loving and playful personality, instantly becoming a favorite among ARL staff and volunteers – she will certainly make a wonderful family pet. once she finds her new home.

The cat continues to recover in foster care and is currently not available for adoption, but is expected to be available in the coming weeks.

ARL understands that the cost of veterinary care, especially in an emergency situation, can be extremely expensive, and suggests that any pet owner facing financial hardship due to their pet’s care contact ARL.


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