Adoption Update – Scrabble – AARCS

This is the story of a shy puppy named Scrabble. When she came to AARCS, she was so afraid of people that she dreaded going near them. Now her name is Dory and she is a happy, outgoing dog living her best life with her new furever family.

Although she still suffers from some nervousness and separation anxiety, this beautiful girl has taken steps to become a confident and dynamic dog. Just recently, she was in British Columbia competing in a barn hunting competition with over twenty people watching and talking! Not only was she brave and adorable, but this gorgeous little lady won a ribbon!

Clearly Dory made a total of 180 thanks to her wonderful furry mom and sister. Every day she learns more and more about the joys of life and maybe even a few new tricks along the way. From the way she continues to pose for pictures, you can tell that one day she will become a model.


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