93 DIY Christmas Decorations – Homemade Christmas Decorating Ideas

Create your own welcome to candy land with these wreath and gift ideas.

To make a crown on the left: Arrange the candy canes in a circle with the hooks all facing the same direction. Secure them together with hot glue (don’t worry if the ends don’t line up, as they will be covered). Top the center with round peppermint candies, overlapping them slightly and securing them in place with hot glue. Thread the ribbon through two candy canes at the top for hanging.

To make a crown at the top right: Wrap a 12-inch moss wreath in white ribbon. Attach candy cane sticks, small candy canes, and peppermint balls with hot glue to conceal the shape. Wrap a ribbon around the top of the wreath to hang it.

For gift giving: attach an extra-large ($9 for 3;amazon.com) and regular sized candy canes together, offsetting the heights and direction of the hook faces, with hot glue. Tie a knot around the stem and insert some greenery.



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