8 DIY Projects for Your Garden and Yard Using Upcycled and Upcycled Materials

Gardening can be very expensive. There are seeds that need to be purchased, not forgetting nursery plants, gardening tools and soil. And those are just the basics.

Once your garden is in full swing, other additions would be fun to add, such as seating areas, artwork, things for birds and other beneficial creatures. It can all start to add up.

So, take a look at these OGP articles that guide you in beautifying and improving your garden and yard using recycled, natural and upcycled materials.

Flaming tiki torches add to the atmosphere of our backyard evenings, while contributing to keep annoying insects away. They’re commonplace these days, and most of us have them stashed away in the garage or storage. As cool and useful as they may be, they are usually used several times and then largely forgotten. One of the problems with tiki torches is that they require tiki fuel to burn. So we can all use our tiki torches again and do so with a greener, healthier mindset, here’s a little bit about how to make tiki torch fuel at home with cleaner ingredients. Check out this article to do DIY Tiki Torch Fuel: A Cleaner Alternative.

Different species of bats bring different benefits to the ecosystem. Insectivorous bats are incredibly voracious and eat lots of insects every night. This helps control populations, which benefits agricultural systems as well as natural ecosystems. Some bats are pollinators, just like bees and butterflies, and some plants rely on their pollination to survive. In short, bats in the garden mean there will be fewer insect problems for both vegetables and people. Some plants will be pollinated, seeds will be dispersed over long distances and the surrounding environment and wildlife will be it’s healthier to have them with you. Learn more about How to get bats to visit your garden and why you want them there.

Birdbaths are nothing new to the vegetable garden, and we’re all familiar with these basic concrete pond designs that have been around for years. However, for creative types, DIYers everywhere and upcyclers, there are plenty of cool and creative designs for those who want to add one to their garden. These are designs that don’t require a lot of tools or skills, but they still make good bird baths. Discover them 5 Ways to Create Your Own Garden Birdbath (From Recycled Materials).

4. Garden fireplace

As nice as gathering around a fire can be, a fire pit can be so much more than that. This can be a great place to have a quiet evening cocktail or to party. It can be a wonderful catalyst for exploring new culinary skills or start a lovely garden. In other words, after building this fire pit, it is important to use it. Before building and constructing a fireplace, it’s a good idea to think about the ways it could be used. This can help with positioning, adding extra features like a grill or patio, and enticing family and friends to join the party. Take a look at this list of Tips for making and using a garden fire pit.

5. Bird feeders

While it’s easy to purchase a bird feeder at a local big box store, there are many ways to make one at home. A DIY bird feeder can help you save a few dollars, add a touch of personality to the homeowner, and make valuable use of what might otherwise end up in the landfill. There is a lot of options for the astute homeownerAnd even some simple constructions, that children could do. Take a look at these great ideas for 5 DIY bird feeders for home and garden.

6. Fantasy and art

In addition to filling garden spaces with beautiful flowers, trees, shrubs and vegetables, many people also like to put their stamp on the area by adding ornaments, statues, flags and even the odd garden gnome. Bring a little creativity to your garden by using natural materials or objects found in nature. This way, your creation can return to earth when you are finished with it. Some creations can serve as a work of art while also having a practical use. Take a look at these 4 Ways to Add Fantasy to Your Garden Using Natural Materialsbringing personality and style to your yard using natural materials that celebrate the outdoors.

7. Birdseed Ornaments

You may already have a super duper bird table or feeder that many bird friends are already familiar with, but if you don’t have the space or desire for a permanent bird table, there are some really cute little Birdseed ornaments you can make at home. Plus, anything left over can simply be composted at the end of the season. Get the kids involved and start making a bunch of birdseed ornaments this winter using very simple ingredients and materials. Here are some quick and easy DIY bird seed ornaments for the garden.

8. Old terracotta pots

Unglazed terracotta pots are perfect for a classic, rustic, no-fuss look for your plants. These pots are made from natural fired clay, making them ideal for many potted plants as the porous clay allows water drainage. Terracotta pots, by nature, are quite fragile and many gardeners end up with broken pots that cannot be recycled. Although they are a natural material, their cooked state means they will not biodegrade. If you have terracotta pots, either broken or intact, this is no longer suitable for your baby plants, here is 3 ways to recycle your old terracotta pots.

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