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By Dakota Murphey on April 27, 2023

From the moment we welcome dogs into our home, it quickly becomes difficult to imagine life without them. Whether it’s the whirlwind of chaos they’ve introduced or the loving couch cuddles they’re almost too willing to enjoy, we love our dogs no matter what.

As such we do what we can to make them happy, from walks in the park to treats and belly rubs, it’s all good from a dog’s point of view. Although great, owning a dog is a big responsibility and in addition to veterinary bills or compromising your routine, we also have to pay attention to dog diapers.

Every year, approximately 10 million pets go missing in the United States, and with thefts on the rise and purebred dogs becoming even more desirable, it’s more important than ever to protect your dog. Here are some essential tips to keep your dog safe at home and when you venture outside.

1. Reduce social media posts

Dog social media may be the best way to procrastinate at work, but while it’s fun to follow that rabbit hole, there are risks to contributing to posts about dogs. While taking fun photos or videos of your furry friend is only part of the fun of owning a dog, sharing too much content on social media can attract the attention of thieves.

Just from your social media posts, potential thieves can determine: where you walk your dogs, whether you leave them home alone for any length of time, and perhaps most worryingly, their names. It’s good to teach your dog a loud recall, but consider using a command word other than his name, as this can then be called in a public place by an abductor and your dog could go to him, through no fault of his own.

Social media posts about particular breeds can also bring them to the attention of potential dognappers, so consider making your profile private so only friends and family can see and enjoy your cute dog photos.

2. Strangers in the park

Dog owners should be vigilant against thieves, especially when owning a fashionable breed. Knowing what to look for in a dognapper can simply help you avoid the situation altogether and keep you and your dog safe.

For starters, whether in the park, on the street, or anywhere else in public, don’t let people get too close. People bending down very low to pet your dog is not acceptable as it is quite easy to pick them up in this position, so be sure to stay close to your dog at all times outside to avoid this.

3. Pet monitoring app vulnerabilities

Pet monitoring apps help reduce the anxiety we sometimes feel when we leave our beloved dog home alone. If we are concerned that they are in distress or think they are chewing the tattered cushions, we can log into our monitoring app on our phone or device and check on them.

Live footage of our dogs alone at home can allow us to see that they are sleeping silently, but it can also make pets vulnerable to theft. Cybersecurity may not be the first thing you think about when it comes to protecting your dog, but if your monitoring app is hacked or your device is compromised, footage of your pet at home alone can be used to know when is the best time to take him.

But you can protect yourself with strong passwords, updated software versions, and multi-factor authentication (MFA). Like Jed Kafetz, a cyber security expert, points out that “MFA provides an important secondary layer of defense in the event of a password theft and is particularly important given the tendency of people to reuse passwords between accounts. »

4. Fences and gates are essential

We like to think that our dogs are safe as long as they are within the perimeter of our homes, but the truth is that nearly 2 million domestic dogs are victims of theft. What is worrying is that 10% of dog owners get their pet back so we need to ensure that our homes are as secure as possible to prevent theft from happening in the first place.

Consider locking all doors and establishing a strong fence around your property. A useful addition to your gate is a bell or noisy mechanism that will attract your attention if someone opens it. Even then, try not to leave them outside unattended, especially in the front yard, as someone could possibly grab them and leave before you know it.

Of course, our dogs can also become escape artists without anyone else’s help. It is therefore essential to find a solution that prevents your particular breed from breaking free. Whether your dog digs, does a special jump, or is big or small, a proper perimeter fence is essential to making your garden or yard look like Fort Knox for dogs.

5. A mixed walking routine

There is nothing inherently wrong or dangerous about walking your dog, if there were there would be a lot of dissatisfied dogs in the world. However, we also cannot ignore the fact that dogs are stolen while being walked by their owners or dog walkers.

Dog thieves often steal specific breeds because they know they can fetch them a high price. Purebred dogs are the target here and many dog ​​guardians will spend time exploring certain areas in order to follow their owners’ routines.

One of the best ways to guard against this is to simply keep your routine varied: once you’re walking, turn left when you leave the house, and the next time, turn right. Additionally, mix things up more by visiting different dog parks, taking different routes, and changing departure times. Ultimately, the less predictable your behavior and walk times are, the less likely you are to be targeted by a napping dog.

6. Upgrade Your Walking Equipment

Most dogs love to go for walks and it wouldn’t be fair to deprive them of these fun activities at the risk of being stolen. As well as varying your walking routine, you can also invest in useful dog walking equipment and accessories to give yourself greater peace of mind.

Here are some dog walking accessories to protect against theft:

  • Anti-cut leash
  • Anti-cut collar
  • Dog leash handle with alarm
  • Wrist straps – to attach your dog more securely to you
  • GPS tracker

Cut-resistant leashes and collars are made from woven steel wire in a reinforced design that prevents opportunistic thieves from cutting and snatching your dog.


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