6 reasons why you should adopt two

Kittens are a bundle of joy that can enrich your life in so many ways! Want to know what’s better than having a kitten? How about two! Here are a few reasons why you should consider adopting two kittens instead of one!

01. Kitten Enrichment: For a kitten, the possibility of having a playmate is an important form of enrichment that is an integral part of its development. Additionally, having a companion to interact with is very beneficial for kittens if their guardian is away for long hours during the day. You might think two kittens would cause more trouble, but ultimately they would entertain and care for each other, and they wouldn’t be as dependent on you for mental and physical stimulation. Remember that kittens may express their playfulness in ways or at times that are not appropriate in your home (breaking things, waking you up at night, etc.); having a distraction in the form of another feline friend could definitely bring some relief! Not to mention, if your kittens get tired with each other, they’ll be more likely to be cuddly and calm with you!


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