6 month old crossbred female available for adoption

Szamoca is a 6 month old female cross. She currently lives in Hungary. She was found in a cardboard box with her siblings when she was a few weeks old and was surrendered to the local shelter.

Szamoca was adopted with another puppy (Nissy) over the summer, but they were both returned a few weeks later. However, they became good friends and have since shared a kennel.

Szamoca is a beautiful girl, she is quite shy and needs time to start trusting. With love and lots of cuddles, as well as tasty food, she can easily be won over.

Szamoca is a smart girl, she has already learned to sit and paw. She loves her food and can be very motivated by treats. He is an active puppy who loves to run, play and explore or go for walks.

Szamoca is a real sweetheart and is very cuddly and affectionate once you gain her trust. We would like her not to spend the winter in the shelter but in a warm house on someone’s couch.

Szamoca would be best suited to a family where she is not left alone for long periods of time and has time to train and socialize.

His training will include potty training and walking on and off leash. We want her to participate in all kinds of activities and be treated like family.

Szamoca would probably be happier living with another friendly, well-adjusted dog, but she might just as easily be happy being the only dog ​​in the family.

It would be nice if they could be relocated with Nissy, but that might be too idealistic a wish. Szamoca has lived with cats and can be housed with felines, but she is generally not interested in them.

Like all shelter dogs, he will need time, patience, love and commitment from his adoptive family to become a happy and well-adjusted dog. Experience with rescue dogs desired. No new owners, please.

Szamoca is currently in Hungary and will be able to travel to the UK as soon as an ideal family is found for her. She is fully vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed, treated for fleas and ticks, with an EU passport and DEFRA approved documents. Adoption is subject to home inspection and adoption fees. Full RBU provided.


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