5 year old Terrier Cross female available for adoption

Molly is a 5 year old female Terrier Cross. She was rescued from the streets of Bosnia a little over a year ago.

Molly was adopted into a foster home in Norfolk and is living a happy life, but unfortunately her family has decided that they are not able to give her the quality of life that she truly deserves, and Molly has been a family reception in Essex last month.

We are therefore looking for a new permanent home for her. Molly is estimated to be around five years old and we believe she is some sort of terrier mix. She is a lovely and loving soul.

Molly can be a little reserved around strangers and prefers to welcome newcomers on her terms, but once bonded with you, she is very cuddly, loyal and comical.

Molly loves being around her human and follows her foster mom (or replacement human, if she’s not there!) around the house to make sure she knows what’s going on and doesn’t miss her. no opportunity to snack. Molly loves her walks and is very excited to get outside.

Molly walks very well on a leash and is happy with a half hour walk twice a day (although she wouldn’t say no to longer hikes!) as long as she can sniff out all the best smells in the area.

Molly prefers not to be approached by other dogs on her walks, but she is very easily distracted by treats and will happily stand and nibble as they walk by.

Although she responds very well to her name, she doesn’t have a reliable recall yet, so we walk her on a leash – she’s very happy to sniff painfully, so it doesn’t seem to bother her!

Between walks, Molly is happy to nap all day – she doesn’t ask for much and is very easy to get along with at home. Molly is currently in a foster home with a two-year-old dog.

At first she was nervous about her new sister, but now she has trained her enough to start playing with each other.

However, Molly can be easily overwhelmed by energetic dogs and wants to get to know a dog well before considering a relationship – a nice dinner on several occasions, more of a girl!

So I think she would be happiest in a home as an only dog ​​but could potentially live with another dog who would read her signals well and leave her alone if necessary. She would be better suited to a more placid canine companion than an energetic puppy.

Molly has encountered children outside and is curious but may find their sudden movements surprising, so would be best in a home without young children.

Molly has no experience living with children, and after the movement she has endured over the past year, we prefer not to give her any other new factors to face, so only homes with children older will be taken into account.

Molly is a beautiful girl and is looking for a home where someone can give her the time and understanding to get used to it, give her the outdoor adventures she loves, and provide her with a quiet, secure home environment where she can feel safe and happy. , and settled.

Molly is currently based in foster care in Braintree and is now ready for adoption. If you would like to meet her, please contact us.


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