4 year old male Brittany spaniel available for adoption

Benedict is a 4 year old male Brittany spaniel. He is currently in foster care in Wirral, UK. Benedict was rescued from a busy municipal pound in Spain after being spotted by our rescue team. He is a very gentle, calm and affectionate dog, and he is very friendly with people.

He also really enjoys his walks. He gets along well with all other dogs, whether active or calm, and although he is happy to walk with them, he is also happy to do as he pleases. He was quite anxious when he arrived, but soon realized he was safe and made up for lost time by asking for lots of hugs from all the volunteers.

He loves to run on his walks, but likes to stay close. However, adopters must work on recall before dogs are allowed off-leash. He is quite small for a Breton and weighs only 12kg, which would be perfect for someone looking to adopt a medium sized dog.

FOSTER REPORT: “Well, what can I say about Benedict. What a sweet boy he is. He’s been with us for two weeks now and he’s still coming out of his shell. He’s been potty trained in the house, an accident right by the back door, so we just hadn’t noticed him wanting to go out. He will stand by the back door or jump through the door to get out, smart boy. He sleeps all night in his crate in the kitchen with my dogs. He was wonderful with every dog ​​we met, big and small, male and female.

He currently lives with 4 small dogs and is doing well with them. He still needs to build his confidence, he will stay still if he doesn’t know what you want him to do, calm and gentle handling works wonders. He is just starting to understand the request to get out of the car and is now very excited to do so. He is very gentle when he takes treats, doesn’t jump (yet?).

He loves the woods, now that he’s discovered squirrels, so it’s probably best not to have any little furs. I may test it out over the next few weeks, but it didn’t bother him when he saw one of mine on the driveway yesterday, even though 2 of my dogs went crazy.

There are no safety concerns around toys or food. He has crazy hours in the evening, with intermittent sleep, where he looks like a puppy and tries to play with anything. A firm no keeps him in check and sends him to the toy box for at least a while, ha ha.

If he picks up something he shouldn’t have, he’ll give it back to you with no problem. After the madness, he falls into a cuddly sleep. He loves to be touched and will continue to come to you for petting. He doesn’t assume and although he has jumped on the couch a few times, he gets up and waits to be picked up where he likes to snuggle.

He was great to me and my husband. He met children between 6 and 15 years old and was very polite and calm. He may benefit from having another dog around him just to boost his confidence. I think he will make a very loyal companion for a lucky person. Thanks to his incredible adopter for this report!


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