2 year old crossbred female available for adoption

Olivia is a 2 year old female cross. She currently resides with a private host family in Romania. She was abandoned on the street in Romania.

It’s obvious she spent some time with a chain because she has a chain mark on her neck. Olivia showed no behavior while in private foster care.

Olivia is a kind, calm soul who is friendly to people despite her past trauma. She shows no aggression towards other dogs, she has no history of biting while in private foster care.

Olivia is a tiny girl who doesn’t need a lot of exercise. Two short walks a day with play time in between would be enough for Olivia.

Olivia is a little shy at first when meeting new people, but Olivia is gentle around unfamiliar people. She likes to be petted and loved by people she trusts.

Olivia showed no allergies, intolerances or issues with any foods during her rescue. Adopters will need to understand that Olivia may be a little unsettled during the first few days after entering a new home with a routine and unfamiliar people.

Giving her time to decompress and adjust to her new home is essential to supporting her. She gets along well with reasonable children ages 10 and up and has no known health issues.

We advise you to restrain Olivia either by a cage or by a seat belt/headrest, in accordance with the law and so that she does not try to escape while trying to get her out of the car. He needs a calm, loving home that will give Olivia lots of love and affection.

A gentle house with little coming and going. You must have the facilities, time, finances, knowledge and skills to provide a good standard of care. We need an REQUEST and a HOMECHECK.

Olivia is spayed, vaccinated DHPPi/RL and KC and microchipped. She will be treated against fleas and worms. She will travel on an approved means of transport directly to her home. Backup and support available.


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