2-3 year old male greyhound available for adoption

Lenny is a 2-3 year old male greyhound. He is based in the Midlands, available for adoption throughout the UK (on-site collection or sometimes meeting halfway can be arranged). Lenny is very friendly and well mannered.

Lenny came to our emergency foster in Burton after being privately fostered, but the lady who took him was unable to keep him as he was not doing well with his resident dog and showed a food storage.

But the original family who got him from a puppy and Re-homed didn’t want him to come back (because he was becoming a newborn) and he had to be put to sleep.

We only had a few hours to rescue him and luckily an emergency foster family was found. We expected Lenny to be very anxious and uncertain in a new home, but he was very good and calm. His host family also says they didn’t notice any food guarding at Lenny’s house.

There were most likely human errors in his temporary home, which made Lenny very stressed and anxious. Lenny is currently in our foster family without dogs and with a 14 year old child.

This boy deserves the best home ever. He is a gentle giant, full of love and cuddles. He is a typical greyhound and is a 22 kg lapdog who is unaware of his size.

Lenny is not good with cats and he’s really stupid.” Lenny is very affectionate and loves being around humans.

Greyhounds are known for their gentle and calm nature, friendly and non-aggressive, although some can be aloof towards strangers.

They are intelligent and independent, and even resemble cats in many ways. Despite their racing history, Greyhounds have moderate exercise needs. Perfectly satisfied with two 30-40 minute walks per day. Greyhounds are built for speed, not endurance.

They enjoy short bursts of activity but are also happy to lounge indoors.” Lenny is looking for a family without young children, preferably without dogs and experienced with greyhounds or similar breeds. Lenny has no known health problems; castrated. Complete vaccination pack, microchipped.


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