2-3 year old crossbreed male available for adoption

Minnow is a 2-3 year old crossbred male. “I’m looking for my forever home.” I’ll tell you everything about me. I love people.

Of all shapes, sizes and genders, I love you all. Especially when you annoy me, that’s when my tail wags the hardest. When you lean over so I can hug you and bump your nose with mine. Yeah, it’s special.

I’m completely in love, you see, probably too excited to live with very young children. I’m selectively reactive on a track, that’s my problem.

Maybe you and I could solve this problem together? I am sociable with other dogs when they come to visit me.

I would like to live with one or two other greyhounds please, very calm and confident, if you know any? I would love it if you had a car to take me anywhere we might go.

Or we can just use our paws and feet, but please don’t ever put me on public transportation, I’m not good at that kind of travel, you see.

What I need is a safe yard to play in, as well as a human who can exercise adequately to accomplish my active body. I have to stay away from the livestock because my prey is high and I don’t want to bother you or me, so if you are a farmer I am not your man.

I am an intelligent young man. So you could teach me almost anything and I would love it if you did, because it is important to give my active mind the stimulation it needs.

I walk well on a leash and if you carry the right treats, I’ll be putty in your hands. I hope to meet my forever people very soon. – Quote


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