When should a Poodle puppy’s hair be cut?


If you plan to use scissors to trim your poodle puppy’s coat, be sure to use scissors intended for dog hair, as they aren’t as sharp and the majority of them have ball-shaped tips. or rounded for added safety.

There are three main types of dog grooming scissors: straight scissors, curved scissors, and thinning scissors, and they all work slightly differently. Straight grooming scissors are a multi-tasker, they have straight blades for general basic grooming, creating straight lines in the coat and adding the finishing touch to haircuts.

The Curved Dog Grooming Shears have a curved blade that can be used to thin and shape specific areas of the coat, such as the paws and hindquarters. Thinning shears have a cutting edge on one blade and serrations on the other, and there are also double shears that have serrations on both blades. They’re designed to remove lots of hair in even sections for a natural finish, and they can also be used to blur harsh lines from clippers and texturize the coat.



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