Ways to Make Money While on Vacation

Despite all the extra expenses that come with the holidays, the season also offers plenty of opportunities to earn extra money. The different ways to earn extra money for the holidays can be fun, rewarding – and even spark new possibilities for satisfying, long-term work relationships.

Seasonal opportunities include babysitting, deliveries, pet sitting, toy and furniture assembly, baking and catering and many other ways to give an extra helping hand to parents, elderly and other people in need.

“People will look to work more for a multitude of reasons, the main one being the added costs of vacations,” says Chris Panteli, who helps people find ways to earn more money through his platform. LifeUpswing.com. “Gifts to buy, children to occupy and entertain and maximized budgets.”

Typically, people look for holiday gigs that are both lucrative and flexible – fun is also a nice perk. “Any type of part-time position that is both flexible and reliable is sure to be in high demand,” says Panteli. “It can alleviate some financial pressures and can also be rewarding at the same time.”

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a new job seeker, here are 10 great ways to earn extra money for the holidays.

1. Childcare

Find a child care job

Busy parents need to sit down any time of year, but this can be especially true during the holiday season when they’re shopping, cooking, attending a work vacation or New Year’s Eve gone – and generally find themselves overwhelmed.

As a bonus, this type of work can pay much more than extra money for vacation. Caregiver Josh Pearl says he recently took care of three children through a babysitting opportunity. And not only did his role help the family he supported, but he also found it personally very rewarding.

“It was a part-time job and to earn some extra money, but it quickly became my mental escape during the day,” he explains, adding that the children’s playful innocence brought him some relief amid the incessant beat of politics and the pandemic. news.

Care matches babysitters with families; You can also ask your family, friends or neighbors, or via social media, your wider community, to find parents who might need a babysitter for date nights or for s take care of school holidays.

2. Delivery conduct

As busy families continue to do more shopping online, especially during the holiday season, delivery driver jobs are plentiful this time of year. “These measures may prove useful for seasonal or temporary workers, as frontline workers are likely to take time off during the holidays,” explains recruitment professional Ben Lamarche. “Employers are more likely to hire additional help because it doesn’t mean covering many upfront costs, such as training and certification.”

Companies like FedEx, DHL, UPS And Amazon are good starting points.

3. Nanny

Find a nanny job

In addition to one-off or regular child care opportunities, many families need more regular, regular child care. extended childcare — for example to travel with them or to help cover long school holidays. Lamarche says these jobs “are always important during the holiday season, especially because many families leave town or have additional hosting duties at this time of year.”

Pearl highlights the mutual benefits that can come from working with children. “I think everyone could learn a little from acting like a child every once in a while,” he says, adding that a part-time job is an ideal way to make that kind of connection.

Care matches nannies with families; You can also reach out to your personal network or through social media to your wider community to find parents who are interested in hiring a nanny for the holidays or even longer.

4. Tutoring

Find a tutoring work

Another opportunity to make money and providing meaningful support to families involves offering your services as a tutor. After a few difficult years for schoolchildren, some children may fall behind and could really benefit from this individual educational support. Tutoring can also help children overcome any academic setbacks during the long winter break.

Care matches tutors with students; companies like Kaplan And Princeton Review also often hire tutors for test preparation.

5. Pet sitting and dog walking

Find a pet care job

Many people travel out of town during the holiday season, sometimes to visit hotels or relatives that don’t allow pets. And that means many need more pet care support for their four-legged friends when they are away.

Consider applying for vacation pet care, walk the dog Or pet boarding concert. (Bonus: You can cuddle cute animals!)

6. Cleaning or organizing the house

Find a housework

Housekeeping help can be especially in demand during the holiday season, when people are busier than ever. They may want to get their house in tip-top shape for holiday gatherings, or need help cleaning up after themselves (or both). With so many gifts, toys, and decorations swirling throughout the season, home organizers are also increasingly in demand.

You can find job offers for maids, house cleaners And home organizers on care.

7. Driving

Find a driving job

Driving for rideshare companies like Uber or Lyft can provide an additional income source to earn money for vacation – and it’s completely flexible and customizable to fit your schedule. Outside of these platforms, you might find seasonal work as a driver providing additional personal and personalized care, for example to a child or elderly person who needs additional assistance.

You can start by searching Care.com for nanny and elder care job openings from families who have transportation needs.

8. Personal assistance

Find a personal assistant job

If you’re already a nanny, pet sitter, or primary caregiver in a family, the holidays could be a great opportunity to find additional work outside of your existing duties. Families may provide additional paid work, such as go shoppingwrap gifts, do the shoppingdealing in greeting cards and more.

If you’re not already linked to a family, scroll through the interesting listings to odd jobs what people need help with.

You can browse personal assistant jobs near you on Care.

9. Assembly

The holiday season offers plenty of opportunities for anyone with basic know-how (or at least patience and a willingness to learn) to make extra money helping people put things together. This could be toys (lots of effort after opening gifts) or furniture (like extra tables and chairs purchased for family gatherings).

Try posting your services on social media, sharing them in your community through word of mouth, or checking local classifieds. You can also post your services on sites like Angieor through app-based platforms such as Rabbit Taskwhere you can market yourself locally and set your own rates.

10. Cooking and baking

Find a kitchen work

Families celebrating the holidays may prefer to save some effort by outsourcing meal preparation. The same goes for desserts. And if you are skilled as a baker or chiefYou might find rewarding opportunities to earn extra money for the holidays, doing something you already know and love.

Share your skills on social media, especially on highly visual platforms like Instagram, where your drool-worthy dishes can really shine. You can even create a separate account for your offers or a dedicated website. Networking with friends and other chefs and bakers can also help spread the word.


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