Top 5 Dog-Friendly Hotel Chains in the United States

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As a pet parent, I know how annoying it is when you travel and have to leave your furry, four-legged family members behind. This may make you wonder if you really want to go on vacation. And, of course, the pain and anxiety of this separation cuts both ways, with pets often becoming anxious, depressed, or developing behavioral problems while their owners are away.

Fortunately, we are seeing an increase pet friendly accommodation offered by hotel companies across the United States. Perhaps it’s due to the recent boom in pandemic puppy and quarantine kitten adoptions, and the fact that more people are working from home and forming deep bonds with their fur children.

But whatever the reason, hotel chains are gradually waking up to the fact that travelers want to have their pets with them on their trips. And, rather than losing business to Airbnb or other vacation rentals that may offer more pet-inclusive deals, more hotel brands are adopting their pet-friendly approach, switching simply to allow pets in rooms to roll out the red carpet for their four. -leg guests.

Of course, it’s always important to do your research and check the pet policies of the property you intend to stay at, as each property may have its own rules, separate from those of the parent company . However, overall, here are the hotel chains that are among the most pet-friendly:

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@mallowfrenchie is wearing a limited edition, co-branded KimptonxWag! dog bathrobe at Kimpton EPIC Miami. (photo courtesy of Kimpton Hotels)

1. Hotels in Kimpton

Owned by IHG, Hotels in Kimpton‘ collection of boutique properties in the United States boasts a broadly inclusive pet policy, inviting guests to bring their “furry, feathered or scaly” family members, regardless of size, weight and breed, all at no additional cost. In addition to welcoming virtually any type of pet with open arms, there is also no limit to the number of pets you can bring. Kimpton properties offer many special gifts to ensure pets receive the care they deserve, including amenities such as soft pet beds, food, water bowls, mats, poop bags and door hangers alerting staff and guests to the presence of pets. The hotel chain has even dedicated Pet Relations Directors on staff.

2. Pristine Hotels

HAS Hotels in Virgin, four-legged guests are welcomed with open arms and are welcome to stay with their owner free of charge, without any breed or size restrictions. At each property, pet lovers receive soft dog beds, special treats, food and water dishes, cleaning bags and a stylish Virgin brand bandana. Plus, its pet-friendly rooms feature a porcelain guard dog that keeps guard right outside your door. The British hotel chain currently has properties in the United States in Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, Nashville, New Orleans and New York.

Home2 Suites by Hilton, Hilton, pet friendly, dog, pets

Dogs enjoying a Home2 Suites by Hilton room. (photo courtesy of Hilton)

3. Lows Hotels

It is “Loews loves pets“The program proves that Hotels in Lows is happy to welcome furry family members with guests from its various properties. The hotel chain really goes above and beyond, providing standard treats, bowls, and placemats at check-in. On request you can also get special pet beds, leashes, collars; pet toys, litter boxes, litter, scoops; scratching posts and more.

There is also an in-room pet door hanger to alert staff to the presence of pets, dog pickup bags, dog walking route maps for owners, and connections to top services walking and looking after pets. In addition, Loews offers gourmet room service menus specially created by the hotels’ executive chefs for cats and dogs.

Note that there is a limit of two pets per room and proof of current vaccination is required. Individual locations may have different fees and specific policy details, so check with the establishment first.

English Bulldog in W South Beach

PHOTO: English bulldog enjoying the outdoors at W South Beach. (Photo courtesy of W South Beach)

4. Marriott:

A recent Skyscanner study identified Marriott as one of the most pet-friendly major hotel chains in America. Depending on the brand and property you are considering, pet fees, weight and breed restrictions may apply and there may be rules regarding which hotel areas the pet can access. That said, there are at least 10 pet-friendly Marriott Bonvoy brands, and many offer dedicated amenities designed to make Fido or Fluffy feel like a VIP.

Here are some notable examples:

  • Westin hotels that welcome small and medium-sized dogs and provide them with a complimentary Heavenly plush dog bed for an extremely comfortable stay, as well as other special amenities.
  • UpThe hotels’ pet program is called “Arf, Animals Are Fun.” Dogs under 40 pounds are welcome and receive an Aloft brand bed and bowl during their stay, as well as free treats and toys.
  • Elementhotels welcome dogs up to 40 pounds through their “Love That Dog” program, which provides guests with a dog bed, food, water bowls, pet cleaning supplies And much more.
Corgis sitting prettily on the west coast at the Kimpton Shorebreak Resort.

PHOTO: Corgis sitting prettily on the West Coast at Kimpton Shorebreak Resort. (Photo courtesy of Kimpton Shorebreak Resort)

5. Hilton

Industry giant Hilton allows pets in about 80 percent of all its properties, according to a recent study. Nerd Wallet analysis. with seven animal-friendly brands under its umbrella: Canopy, Hampton, Tru, Homewood Suites, Home2 Suites, Embassy Suites And Hilton Garden Inn. While all accept guests’ pets, each location’s pet policies vary, meaning they may only accept certain species, have weight limits or number of pets allowed per room and charge different fees for pets.

Depending on the particular property, guests may be offered perks for their pets, such as dog treats, or guides for pet owners on where to find local dog parks and hiking trails. Hilton’s partnership with Mars Petcare gives guests staying at one of the above brand hotels virtual access to Mars Pet Expert team members, who are available to answer questions about health, wellness and pet behaviors.

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