Tiny Blind Puppy Abandoned to Rescue Dog Needs a Special Home

A Northern Ireland dog rescue charity is seeking a special home for a tiny blind puppy.

Paco is only 11 weeks old and very small for his age and breed.

The Cocker Springer Spaniel mix was surrendered to Friends of Rescue in the North West where the team made him feel right at home.

And now they are looking for a special owner to give Paco a fresh start.

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A spokesperson for the charity said: “Paco is a tiny 11-week-old Cocker Springer mix and he is completely blind. He is a really sweet, calm little boy who will only go to a home that meets to each of its requirements.

Paco is only 11 weeks old and blind (Image: Friends of the Rescue)

“If you do not meet these requirements, please let others know so we can give him the best home possible. This little pet is welcome into our family and his new life begins now.


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