The Benefits of Getting Dog Trainer Certification: How It Builds Your Credibility, Skills, and Career Opportunities

You may have rabid dog whispering skills, but if you’re offering your services as a dog trainer and don’t have any certifications to back up your talent, you may have a hard time convincing people advised dog owners that you are legit.

While it is true that you do not need to be licensed, certified, or registered with any government agency or be a member of any professional organization to offer your services as a trainer, you should expect to which many people do not accept you. seriously if you just hang a sign or go on social media and say, “Hey, I want to train your dog.”

The benefits of a career as a dog trainer

Be a dog trainer is a rewarding career choice for several reasons.

  • By teaching a rowdy dog ​​some manners, you could save him from being taken to an animal shelter.
  • Teaching basic obedience skills can save a dog’s life. Having an impeccable memory and knowing how to “drop it” and “leave it” can prevent a dog from serious injury.
  • By working with dogs and their owners, you help them create a stronger bond.
  • As a coach, you get to be up and moving instead of tied to a desk all day, and you spend a lot of time outdoors.
  • Dog training is an ideal career for independent business owners. You can be your own boss and set your own schedule.
  • If dogs are your passion, what’s better than a career that lets you get paid to spend all your time with them?

Launch a Successful Training Career

To increase your chances of success, strengthen your credibility, develop your skills and create more career opportunities, consider enrolling in a dog trainer certification program.

Unlike college degrees, which take years to earn, a dog trainer certification takes about 12 months. Although most people don’t live near a physical dog training school, this isn’t a problem; There are excellent online dog training programs that allow you to sign up at any time. With online programs available, it doesn’t matter if there isn’t a “dog training class near me.”

Among the most respected schools in the country, College of Animal Behavior has been preparing trainers to launch their careers since 1998. The Valencia, California-based school was founded by trainer Steven Appelbaum, owner and president of Animal Behavior and Training Associates, Inc., which at the time was the nation’s largest independent dog training company. UNITED STATES.

ABC invests in student success

Trainers who graduate from ABC have a solid foundation for success in their new careers. The well balanced study programme includes an overview of dogs, learning theories, tools of the dog training trade, fundamentals, a description of the steps for teaching each cue, problem solving, and training safety.

Since working with audiences one-on-one and in training classes is a large part of dog training, ABC devotes part of the program to public speaking and conducting training sessions effective.

In order to give their graduates a boost, the last stage of the online program is dedicated to business creation. Students learn how to start their own business, market it, create a website, provide good customer service, and gain other valuable information.

After completing the online portion of the program, students gain extensive real-world experiences by volunteering for 10 hours to train dogs at an animal shelter and completing an externship with a local professional trainer.

Alumni benefits include a listing in the school’s directory of certified dog trainers, access to a private job site exclusive to ABC graduates, lifetime access to the curriculum, business creation, and much more.

Helping animal lovers pursue their passion into a fulfilling career is ABC’s mission. If you are serious about becoming the best coach you can be, call 800-795-3294 to speak with an admissions counselor today.


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