Texas Rangers show some love for pets with new schedule

While some sports teams are dealing with drama, the Texas Rangers are dealing with puppies by comparison.

No really, the team is looking after puppies for their latest charity effort. Started by Jacklyn Gray, this is a project close to her heart and it is an 18-month 2023-2024 calendar featuring the players, staff and players of the Texas Rangers. pets.

Known as the Team Pet Calendar, it’s a chance for players to show their support for an amazing charity while putting animals in the spotlight. Whether you’re a Rangers fan or not, there’s no denying how good this will feel.

On the contrary, it should be an example that other professional sports teams will follow, because it is for a good cause.

The Texas Rangers put pets in the spotlight in the new 2023-2024 schedule.

MLB already talked about the calendar at length in a recent article and honestly, it gave a lot of insight into why this decision was made. As I mentioned, it was managed by Jacklyn Gray, whose husband Jon Gray is a pitcher for the team.

It’s clear that Jacklyn is passionate about the project: “And being able to partner with Pawerful Rescue was definitely another dream come true. They do a really good job. The dogs they help are dogs that will not get the help they deserve. Or they are senior dogs living their last days, or simply medical cases or abused and neglected dogs that really need extra love and care. So we’re excited. Additionally, the team also hosted a MEGA pet adoption event on July 29 in partnership with Sarah and Mitch Garver. Sarah is a veterinarian and rescue parent of two puppies.

Frankly, I feel like it’s a really good idea and I hope other teams decide to follow Rangers’ example. At the end of the day, it’s all about adoptable animals and allowing them a chance at forever homes, which is to be applauded. Hopefully some players have even decided to adopt animals, because that would be even better.

Whether or not you buy a calendar, you will be happy awareness that: “Since the start of the 2022 season, Jon Gray has also donated $100 per withdrawal to The Pawerful Rescue. At least we know Gray puts the money where he says it does and that’s always something to be happy about.


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