Special days for our pets

Everyone loves an excuse to celebrate. Here are a few more reasons to celebrate with our amazing animals. We’ve created a calendar full of special days for you to enjoy together. This list is not exhaustive as there are many other special days. It does, however, give you a few for each month.

Always make sure you and your pet stay safe during the celebration. Our team is here to help you if you need us.


1st day of the year

2nd National Pet Travel Safety Day

6th National Hug Day


14th Valentine’s Day

20th “Love Your Pet” Day

28th World Sterilization Day


Pet Poison Prevention Awareness Month

3rd World Wildlife Day

8th International Women’s Day


national pet month

7th World Health Day

11th National Pet Day

29th World Veterinary Day


Veterinary Nurse Awareness Month

Week 3 Noise Action Week

22nd International Day for Biological Diversity


5th World Environment Day

7th World Food Safety Day

8th World Oceans Day


July without plastic

1st week Clean Beach Week

14th World Chimpanzee Day


8th International Cat Day

17th Black Cat Appreciation Day

30th National Zoo Awareness Day


21st International Day of Peace

28th World Rabies Day

29th World Heart Day


2nd World Habitat Day

4th World Animal Day

6th World Smile Day

31st Halloween


5th bonfire night

11th Armistice Day

14th World Diabetes Day


9th International Day of Veterinary Medicine

25th day of Christmas

31st universal hour of peace

Do not forget :

Special days should also be celebrated safely. Our pets don’t always enjoy celebrations as much as we do. With a few small changes, you can probably celebrate together safely. Take a look at our blog for more tips and helpful content for specific celebrations. Our expert veterinary team is also always there to answer all your questions.


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