Pet Resolutions for the New Year with the AVMA President

It’s a WGN radio Steve Dale’s Pet World tradition, by discussing with the president of the American Veterinary Medical Association on new year’s resolutions for pets. Listen HERE as Dr. Rena Carlson says, about twice a year for lifelong exams, because early diagnosis equals a better prognosis.

Dr. Carlson highlights how there is a lot of misinformation and misinformation on the internet regarding nutrition. The right diet depends greatly on your pet. And sometimes it’s related to the fact that most animals are overweight or obese, which often leads to behavioral and medical consequences. Dogs and cats are also, to a large extent, under-exercised, says Dr. Carlson.

She also talks about the importance of early socialization and meeting your dog’s social needs. Sometimes what stresses cats out can even surprise you, which Dr. Carlson explains. need for an environment to use species-specific behaviors. And sometimes there are frankly too many cats with too few resources.

Also discussed is the growing popularity of exotic pets, from gerbils to leopard geckos, all of which require veterinary care, just like cats and dogs. Good husbandry and nutrition is the first step that too many people fail to take.

And I come up with my own pet resolution for the new year, having to do telehealthwhich also serves as a warning to pet parents, which Dr. Carlson agrees with — and it’s a very hot topic, and she explains why that’s the case.

Steve Dale and Gronkowski

And a Pet World replay of Steve’s conversation with retired NFL star Rob Gronkowski, meeting him at the Western Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas.

There are many reasons for this divorce, including Dean McDermott would have been upset about sharing his bed with lots of dogs and a pig, as well as Tori Spelling.


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